Delay is the deadliest form of denial


Hearing former Army Major General Paul Eaton, responsible for training the New Iraqi Army, recount that George W. Bush, Commander in Chief, had been, after the invasion of Baghdad, totally unaware that his hand-picked official, L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer, was disbanding the Iraqi Army, was infuriating.

Listening to the former official in charge of the Baghdad occupation, Barbara Bodine, describe the office she was given at the Pentagon and its lack of a computer, or even a telephone, brought back memories of the unbelievable incompetence demonstrated by this administration after Hurricane Katrina.

The comments regarding the inability of our officials to communicate with the Iraqis because no one spoke Arabic was outrageous. Finally, when discussing the occupation and the ensuing chaos that took place, former Marine Lieutenant Seth Moulton, a Harvard graduate who led his infantry platoon during a 2004 deadly attack by militias in Najaf, asks, “Are you telling me that’s the best America can do? Don’t tell me that. That makes me angry.”

It doesn’t matter in some ways how Bush wants to tell the story of disbanding the Iraqi Army he comes off as the Bozo-in-Chief we all knew he was. If he didn’t know, then why didn’t he and why didn’t he understand the implications of doing so. If he knew, it is just another example of the Conservative mindset, they don’t feel they have to think through any situation they can just get what they want through pure force of will.

The Rudepundit makes a sound argument for focusing on Sen. David Vitter, R-La. and his corruption rather then playing games with Joe Lieberman, Advice to Democrats: You Wanna End the War? Destroy David Vitter First:

And that’s where David Vitter comes back into the equation. The oughta-be-disgraced, whoremongering Republican Senator from Louisiana has been embraced back into the Republican fold, as if he’s a big goddamn hero for having kept his crimes hidden until after the statute of limitations had run out on him being arrested for soliciting hookers. Of course it’s the basest sexual hypocrisy that Republicans went after Larry Craig because the Idaho Senator’s case involved gay fucking and because Idaho’s got a Republican governor and Louisiana’s got a Democrat.

Paul Krugman wonders how the current PR campaign to paint the surge as work’n just fine thnak you has gotten so much traction when it is not supported by any facts,

Meanwhile, many news organizations have come out with misleading reports suggesting a sharp drop in U.S. casualties. The reality is that this year, as in previous years, there have been month-to-month fluctuations that tell us little: for example, July 2006 was a low-casualty month, with only 43 U.S. military fatalities, but it was also a month in which the Iraqi situation continued to deteriorate. And so far, every month of 2007 has seen more U.S. military fatalities than the same month in 2006.

[ ]…Above all, we should remember that the whole point of the surge was to create space for political progress in Iraq. And neither that leaked G.A.O. report nor the recent National Intelligence Estimate found any political progress worth mentioning. There has been no hint of sectarian reconciliation, and the Iraqi government, according to yet another leaked U.S. government report, is completely riddled with corruption.

“Delay is the deadliest form of denial.” – C. Northcote Parkinson