A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy

The fake patriots at Red State have asked the question What If MoveOn.org Existed 65 Years Ago? with a fake poster of General Eisenhower suggesting that if MoveOn were running WW II we would have lost. We might want to reply with a very reasonable question. Rather then Roosevelt running a war on two fronts we had Bush and Petraeus?  California and Hawaii would be part of the Japanese empire and the rest of the country would be part of the Third Reich. Oliver Willis, The Bankrupt Right

You know, except Gen. Eisenhower won the war in Europe and his commander in chief was a far left Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt. But whatever, let them play.

Mahablog also notes that recently rabid rightie Michelle Malkin was calling Bush names and some other bloggers of that ilk were calling Bush a traitor for his immigration policies, Make My Day. For those that missed it Fred Kaplan took at look at Bush’s own bizarre WW II analogy, Bush Goes a Bridge Too Far

The security of the civilized world depends on victory in the war on terror, and that depends on victory in Iraq. (Bush)

Here’s the question: Does anybody believe this? If you do, then you must ask the president why he hasn’t reactivated the draft, printed war bonds, doubled the military budget, and strenuously rallied allies to the cause.

If, as he said in this speech, the war in Iraq really is the front line in “the decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century”; if our foes there are the “successors to Fascists, to Nazis, to Communists”; if victory is “as important” as it was in Omaha Beach and Guadalcanal—then those are just some of the steps that a committed president would feel justified in demanding.

It also means that if we had right-wing blogs at all they would be written between patrols by conservatives serving in Iraq. We don’t have that because the Right can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. If cheap rhetoric won wars Bush would be king of the world and the Rightie bloggers would be on one knee kissing his royal highnesses ring.

Here’s a young Republican that seems to have a lot of pent up aggression, but instead of using it to catch Bin Laden he’s out preying on innocent people, Michigan GOP activist gets 5 years for sex assault

A Michigan lawyer who sexually attacked a 21-year-old woman at a Young Republicans convention here said Thursday that he disgraced himself, his family and his political party.

Michael Flory, 33, of Jackson, Mich., told a Cuyahoga County Common Pleas judge that his humiliation and self-destruction should be punishment enough for his guilty plea to a sexual- battery charge.

Judge Peter Corrigan couldn’t have disagreed more.

Corrigan sentenced Flory, the longtime head of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans, to five years in prison. That’s the maximum term for the offense.

“I’m sickened that he is an attorney,” Corrigan told the victim and a packed courtroom.

Flory’s wife, Erin, sitting on the defendant’s side of the courtroom, rolled her eyes, shook her head and then sobbed as Flory expressed “deep, profound remorse” for what he did and pleaded with Corrigan for probation for the sake of his 4-year-old son.

“My son needs his father,” Flory said.

Flory is like a pervert version of Scooter Libby. He commits a terrible crime and then pleads that he shouldn’t be punished for his family’s sake. There is no skirt that Republicans will not hide behind.

“A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy” – Benjamin Disraeli