M. C. Escher self portrait and grasshopper

M. C. Escher (Maurits Cornelis Escher – June 17, 1898 – March 27, 1972) is probably best known for his almost mathematically precise interlocking shapes, but he also did some etchings that were a little more fluid and casual. The first one below is a self portrait. The second one is obvious enough.

Self Potrait 


We all realize that The campaign of Senator John McCain(R-AZ) is in the dumpster and likely to saty there so there is bound to be some disparate attempts to make himself seem relevant. The question is did McCain say this in his best imitation of Stalin calling for an ideologically pure authoritarian America or  was he just tossing out some raw meat for his base to chew on, McCain Calls for MoveOn.org to be “Thrown Out of the Country”

At a crowded rally at a VFW hall in Hudson, NH last night, McCain — again — used the MoveOn “Betray Us” ad as a emotional crowd-pleaser.

American Street points out that, Protecting the Poor Little General 

Other generals spoke their mind about Iraq and were forced to retire by the Bush White House because they refused to endorse the president’s policies. Petraeus, who’s told friends he wants to run for president in 2012, is the exception, willing to stick his neck out to back anything Bush wants.

Iraq has, to be obvious an very emotionally charged issue. MoveOn used an emotionally charged term to describe Patraeus’s testimony. There are different kinds of betrayal. The General obviously has not betrayed the country in the sense of directly aiding and abetting any enimies, but in the sense that his testimony was political, having an ideological bent that he knew would please The Commander Guy, in that sense the General betrayed a more objective truth. A truth that the country expects from its military leaders. Sure it would be great if the  current state of political discourse was all sweetness and light, but it never has been and there is no reason to think we as a nation will be turning that lease anytime soon. So if General Patraeus is going to play good Bush team player rather then objective and responsible general with a moral obligation to be honest regardless of whose sensibilities are trampled he should be able to take the heat or take the nearest exit.  The Right is perfectly free to twist themselves into another contortion that most Americans are challenging their and their newest pet General’s version of reality, but how churlish and ironic to run to this general’s defense because, well his little feelings might get hurt when others expose his distortions of the truth. Patraeus (and his keyboard warrior supporters) want to have it both ways, to be thought of as above politics, just a professional doing his job while simultaneously selling the debacle in Iraq as though it was a new improved toothpaste.