Sentimental irony is a Conservative whining about criticism while trashing others

I don’t care one way or the other whether rabid hate monger Michelle Malkin subs on O’Reilly or not. Malkin just doesn’t get how funny and bizarre her behavior is, Bye Bye Malkin: Malkin Quits O’Reilly
Stiiiiill going, By Michelle Malkin • October 15, 2007 10:11 PM

The funniest comment by far comes from far Left zealots who couldn’t possibly believe that I would walk away from more airtime since I am, of course, such a media whore.

Two words: Stop projecting.

Continue to knock yourselves out, loons! Always glad to provide therapeutic benefits. Indeed, for many, it’s just another golden opportunity to wish out loud for my death or rape. See, for example: Digg.

Maybe you will get your wish and I will get hit by a truck someday. Until then, I’ll keep writing. You keep hatin’.

Well I kinda take that back about not caring. Malkin, like Coulter, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and Micheal Savage among quite a few other shining stars of the Wingnuttia throw raw meat to their base to fuel their hate filled eliminationist fantasies. The level of their hatred reached fever pitch under the Bush administration and a Republican controlled Congress. Emboldened by their lock on power and the delusional belief that the majority of Americans had drunk the Kool-Aid and bought a lifetime subscription to their permanent derangement syndrome. Rather then relax or govern responsibly the fanatical Right racketed up their attacks. Attacks that have included everything from smearing a Vietnam veterans record of heroism to stalking a 12 year old to accusing anyone in a democracy that dare express dissent with their extremists views of being traitors ( it is official if you disagree with Conservatives about SCHIP you’re “un-American,” “not a citizen” and “blinded by” his “hatred of this country.” If anyone ever wondered whether there was a limit to how far the Right could sink into the gutter got their answer from the likes of Malkin. There is apparently no limit. A large enough portion of the American public woke up to the right-wing noise machine. Malkin gives liberals too much credit. We didn’t arouse the publics rejection of the Right’s extremism (well maybe a little), the Right did it to themselves. People listened and didn’t like what they heard. So the Right is in a little disarray, maybe even completely adrift. The political tide has turned and is will not be heading rabid Right again anytime soon. Projecting? Something that Malkin and her fans might want to consider is how influential she is outside of that base. Has she done a convert count lately? We had a war of ideas with moderates having much less media exposure then the Right and we still won. So please Malkin and the rest of ragged pack of clueless right-wing pundits by all means keep those high profile TV jobs, radio programs, newspaper columns and writing those shallow dishonest tomes you call books. In many ways the Malkins and Coulters are liberalism’s best recruiters.

It does seem odd that a “talent” such as Malkin that Fox seemed to be grooming to to more should suddenly quite her most visible soapbox, Did Malkin quit O’Reilly’s Factor over Geraldo clash?

Chairman Conyers Asks DNI McConnell, Asst. Attorney General Wainstein to Explain Qwest Allegations

I am writing because of disturbing revelations over the past several days about warrantless Administration surveillance activities that allegedly occurred months before 9/11, and about claims that a company that did not participate in potentially unlawful surveillance activities may have been subject to retaliation by the Administration, including federal prosecution.

Doesn’t that sound just like the Right America has come to know. You’ll do as the Right says or they’ll destroy you.

“Sentimental irony is a dog that bays at the moon while pissing on graves” ~ Karl Kraus quotes