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Snow Melt Glacier National Park

Glenn Greenwald writes The truth about telecom amnesty,

The FISA law really makes it illegal for the phone companies to give this information to the Government, and what the Government does with it afterwards isn’t really relevant to our claim.

We have evidence of an NSA-controlled room in the Folsom Street AT&T facilities in San Francisco. We have evidence that AT&T diverted copies of everyone’s Internet traffic into that room. And we know that there’s very sophisticated equipment in that room that is capable of doing real-time analysis of the Internet traffic that is getting routed into there.

For most of our legal claims, that’s enough to win, and we’re done.

As usual Glenn is ahead of the conventional belt-way wisdom and the majority of the public agrees that there should be no amnesty for the phone companies,

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters reject amnesty for phone companies that may have violated the law by selling customers’ private information to the government, preferring to let courts decide the outcome. Again intensity favors opponents of amnesty, with 48% “strongly” opposed. Fewer than 1-in-3 (31%) support amnesty for the phone companies, with just 1-in-5 (22%) strongly supporting amnesty.

If Democrats want to be genuinely populist they might want to start listening to the public rather then their consultants.

Remember that guy, wha’is name Osama Bin Free Now For Six Years, How Osama Bin Laden Beat George W. Bush – War of Error

Yet, even as bin Laden contemplated his own death and Al Qaeda seemed on the verge of defeat, Gary Berntsen, then commander of CIA operations in eastern Afghanistan, was worried. A gung-ho officer who speaks Dari, the local Afghan language, Berntsen realized that Afghan soldiers were likely not up to the task of taking on Al Qaeda’s hard core at Tora Bora. In the first days of December, he had requested a battalion of Rangers–that is, between 600 and 800 soldiers–to assault the complex of caves where bin Laden and his lieutenants were believed to be hiding and to block their escape routes. That request was denied by the Pentagon, for reasons that have never been fully clarified. In the end, there were probably more journalists at Tora Bora than the 50 or so Delta and Green Beret soldiers who participated in the fight.

This is why those war bloggers and Republican pundits that yammer endlessly about being serious about the war on terror elicit little but eye rolling disgust from anyone that hasn’t drunk the kool-aid. It was a choice of putting resources into getting all the sociopaths responsible for 9-11 and gearing up to find some WMD that didn’t exist and the serious crowd chose the later.