Conservative politics as machiavellian theatre

HT to The Sideshow, Video – Rachel Maddow joins Keith Olbermann to discuss the lies told about S-CHIP and its supporters

Maddow mentions the completely false narrative that Conservatives used to paint S-CHIP. The whole hillary-care for illegal aliens childishness. No wonder Michelle Malkin will not have an honest debate with Ezra Klein. Malkin was honest in her own perverse way, she believes this about honest discussions of the important issues facing American families, “What a perverse distraction and a laughable waste of time that would be.”

Yes its much easier for Malkin and the Right to throw stale cheetos from their basements then be have their fun house version of reality challenged. Pelosi vows another SCHIP vote after GOP sustains Bush’s veto

House and Senate Democratic leaders huddled shortly after the vote to confer on how to alter the bill to secure more Republican votes. Democratic aides said they would offer cosmetic changes, making it clearer that the bill does not allow illegal immigrants to be covered and capping the income eligibility level.

Conservative and full time jihad fighting desk jockey Robert Spencer puts the p in paranoid and the b in bull, One billion and one reasons to subscribe to Human Events

Spencer writes the magazine’s “Jihad Report” column, through which he keeps a weather eye on terrorists and their ilk. He does such a good job — an aggressive and superb job — keeping track of terrorists and their machinations and their Fifth Column in the U.S. that al Qaeda sent him an ultimatum: convert to Islam (which as everyone knows means becoming a terrorist sympathizer, at the least, hence ending his usefulness as a bulwark against the threat) or die.

One can’t help, but think if the world’s one billion Muslims decide to attack, the Right as exemplified by Mr. Spencer will be useless. It’s difficult to be a warrior when all you can lobe at the enemy is a sternly worded column in the National Enquirer of right-wing magazines. Probably another Republican suffering from anal cysts.

Since Spencer and Malkin care. You know really really care a lot about Iraq since it is the epicenter of WW IV maybe they could at least help with getting things organized. They could just treat it as another Tuesday Kool-Aid and cookies night, Head of Reconstruction Teams in Iraq Reports Little Progress Throughout Country

BAGHDAD, Oct. 18 — Attempts by American-led reconstruction teams to forge political reconciliation, foster economic growth and build an effective police force and court system in Iraq have failed to show significant progress in nearly every one of the nation’s provincial regions and in the capital, a federal oversight agency reported on Thursday.

The report, by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, comes as the United States tries to take advantage of a drop in overall violence to create a functioning government here.

The release of the report was linked to testimony on Thursday by the special inspector general, Stuart W. Bowen Jr., before the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee.

There are bright spots in the effort to put together a functioning nation, Mr. Bowen found: economic growth in the Kurdish north; tribal reconciliation in the western desert province of Anbar; and patchy progress in the development of local governments. Beyond that, some of the provinces are showing increasing ability to create plans, write contracts and carry out construction projects to rebuild Iraq’s physical infrastructure, the report says.

A central finding of the report, Mr. Bowen said in his testimony, was that even with 32 of the teams, called provincial reconstruction teams, or P.R.T.’s, now deployed around the country at a cost of $1.9 billion as of August, the program still has not developed concrete methods to measure the effects of the teams on progress in the country.

Kurds are doing OK in an area controlled by? Kurds. Anbar Sunnis are doing well? In a Sunni dominated area.

Claims of secret CIA jail for terror suspects on British island to be investigated

Andrew Tyrie, Tory MP for Chichester and a campaigner against the CIA’s use of detention without trial, has also urged the committee to investigate. He said: “Time and time again the UK government has relied on US assurances on this issue, refusing to examine the truth of these allegations for themselves. It is high time our government took its head out of the sand and looked into these allegations.”

I wonder about the career CIA and diplomats that at least plan on continuing in government past 2008 when the emperor is forced to abdicate his thrown. Bush will have a cadre of lawyers to hide behind along with claims of immunity. These career civil servants will have little to hide behind if they participated or knew and did nothing.