But when the day’s hustle and bustle is done,Then the Gumbie Cat’s work is but hardly begun


The foundations of democracy have been rocked at their roots. Senator Hillary Clinton’s cat ( actually is was Chelsea’s cat) was given away to a good home. Republican blogger Ann Althouse asks why Hillary can’t be more like Ellen Degeneres. This is very very important because to the House of Republican Flatulence finding an appropriate home for a cat that didn’t get along with your dog who belonged to a family member that was growing up and off to college proves that Senator Clinton is “pure evil”. Not 20% nor 50% evil, but pure evil. That’s our top story. Our most important story of the day. Trudge through the rest of the post if you like, but guaranteed it will pale in comparison to the Clinton Cat Scandal.

Day in and day out over the last six years we’ve gotten the daily crystal ball reading from Bush supporters. It has flowed like a flood through a broken damn. Radio, TV, newspapers and the internet. Remember they told us that Iraq would be a cakewalk , tax cuts aimed primarily at the wealthiest Americans would create jobs, and they’re compassionate too – note their sudden concern for cats, but not children. Today being like every other day in which the rabid Right dominates every form of media except possibly the net we’ll have another day of just let the Decider Guy do what he wants or civilization as we know it will go straight down the crapper. Robert Dreyfuss in Post-U.S. Scenarios: The Bad, the Worse, and the Ugly lays out four scenarios,

4. Let’s Make a Deal
The corrupt politicians who rode into Iraq on American helicopters—from Washington creatures such as Ahmed Chalabi to the Shiite clerics who spent their exile years in Iran—bail out as U.S. troops leave. (As Carter-administration national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says, “The only Iraqis who want the United States to stay are the ones who will have to leave when we leave.”) On the Sunni side, a nationalist constellation of insurgent groups, tribal forces, and the old Baath party elite works to seek a power-sharing arrangement with the Shiites; among Shiites, nationalists eclipse the separatists and Iranian hirelings and forge a compromise. The resulting government coalition is both anti-American and anti-Iranian. It ruthlessly crushes Al Qaeda in Iraq and persuades the Kurds to accept limited autonomy rather than independence.

Who’s Pushing It: Minus the anti-Americanism, a version of this scenario is the administration’s stated goal—though actual policy undermines it at every turn.

How to Make It Happen: Support the United Nations’ effort to reengage in Iraq. Get it to convene peace talks with the support of Europe, Russia, and China, all of whom have their eyes on Iraq’s oil. Stop arming various factions and begin an orderly withdrawal.

The Odds: 40 percent. If withdrawal is done right, chances for this outcome are fair, though it would still come with a great deal of bloodshed that could easily spiral into one of the grimmer scenarios.

Dreyfuss lists the partition idea as the plan with the next best chance. There is reason to think that the partition might be a good idea. Iraq is a state that was created by the British. In no way then or since has this artificial cobbling together of so many factions worked. America or Europe has been either bombing them and/or  proping up puppets like Saddam ever since.

We already knew Bush and Company lack anything remotely resembling character and honor, Valerie Plame On 60 Minutes: “The President Is Not A Man Of His Word” . No Quarter writes, Valerie Plame Wilson and the Ultimate Betrayal in which after the Whitehouse received a report that al-Queada might try to kill Cheney, Rove and Plame. The Whitehouse increased security for Cheney and Rove, but left Plame to fend for herself,

So if you have wondered why Joe and Val are a little pissed off, this might help shed some additional light on the matter. Not only did the Bush Administration out a covert intelligence officer working on the most sensitive national security issues in a time of war, but when that officer faced a direct threat to her life and her family’s safety because of that public exposure, they did not do a goddamn thing to help. I don’t know about you, but that fries my ass.

But when the day’s hustle and bustle is done,
Then the Gumbie Cat’s work is but hardly begun.

from The Old Gumbie Cat by T.S. Elliott