Barley Field wallpaper

Barley Field wallpaper 

Time has been a short so just some weekend links.

Conservation union finds 16,300 species threatened 

From the lowland gorillas of Africa to corals of the Galapagos Islands, more than 16,300 species are threatened with extinction, the World Conservation Union said on Wednesday in its annual Red List.

In what is billed as the world’s most authoritative assessment of Earth’s plants and animals, the global group considered 41,415 species and found that of those, 16,306 were under threat, said Craig Hilton-Tailor, the list’s manager.

That is nearly 200 more species of wildlife than last year, Hilton-Tailor said in a telephone interview, adding that this estimate is “just the tip of the iceberg.”

“It’s a very bad news story,” Jane Smart, head of the conservation group’s species program, said at a briefing. “Our lives are inextricably linked with biodiversity and ultimately its protection is essential for our very survival.”

Soldiers who threw out first pitch bound together before game 

DENVER – During a television commercial break, those at Coors Field for Game 3 saw two men come to the mound to throw out the first pitch.

Marine Staff Sergeant Kade Hinkhouse walked to the mound with a limp. The other man, Army Staff Sergeant Matt Keil, was in a motorized wheelchair.

“We were just floored that they were giving us a chance to do something like this,” Keil said.

It bothers me that their first pitch was not a televised part of the game. It seems like someone wanted to have it both ways to honor them while at the same time not letting America see the consequences of letting Bush and Cheney play amateur nation builder in Iraq.

In case anyone missed it, American Flag Pins Are For Idiots by Bill Maher

Show me a man wearing an American flag pin in his lapel, and I’ll show you an asshole. I’m sure there are exceptions, but in general people need to remember that lapels aren’t for wearing pins to create the illusion that you’re supporting the troops. They’re for wearing ribbons to create the illusion that you’re helping cure a disease.

Of course, the Republicans are the party of Mark Foley and the Rev. Ted Haggard and Larry Craig and countless other closeted homosexuals, so their fixation on jewelry is understandable, but still … the flag is just a symbol. You’re getting pissy about a brooch, you drama queens, one that was probably made in China. It’s probably leaking poison lead on you right now.

At least that would be some sacrifice, because let’s be honest: this generation doesn’t do real sacrifice or even pay for our own wars. That’s what grandkids are for! No, we do flag pins and bumper stickers. And not even bumper stickers. Bumper magnets. Because stickers are tough to get off, and we may change our mind about never forgetting.

Funny and sad that the Right measures patriotism in such petty ways.

Two links to The Carpetbagger Report, Fake FEMA press conference spurs apology – a surreal piece of work by , you guessed it the same folks that who continue to use that worn out mantra about the press being too liberal and have to have pin on their lapel to prove their loyalty to country. More ‘phony soldiers’ speak out against Iraq policy

Asked if the American endeavor here was worth their sacrifice — 20 soldiers from the battalion have been killed in Baghdad — [Sgt. Victor Alarcon] said no: “I don’t think this place is worth another soldier’s life.” (emphasis added)

That “phony soldiers” remark will haunt Limbaugh to his grave and rightly so.

Telecom Immunity and White House Wiretapping Documents

The letter noted that the administration still has not complied with subpoenas issued on June 27 for documents related to the wiretapping program’s legal basis. Senator Feingold, who serves on both the Intelligence and Judiciary committees and has access to the documents, said the documents revealed “the absence of a legitimate justification under the law” for the program and constituted “an executive power grab.”