In Rightlandia Their Words are Always at Odds with Their Actions

Glenn Greenwald is one of the better writers in the progressive blogisphere. He uses a writing a technique frequently employed by most good college professors in their lectures. He makes his opening statement with supporting facts then repeats them, stated in a slightly different way abet with the same meaning. This way if you’re not paying close attention or just don’t get it the first round, you get a second chance to get the drift. While “full, unedited form here” with link provided seems clear enough to a normal person of even average reading comprehension skills; the Right is foaming a bit because they went full bore both barrels to assert in no uncertain terms that Glenn was hiding something. The pertinent passage,

I received this morning an unsolicited email from Col. Steven A. Boylan, the Public Affairs Officer and personal spokesman for Gen. David G. Petraeus. The subject line of the email — which I am publishing in full, unedited form here — is “The growing link between the U.S. military and right-wing media and blogs” . . . .

The link went to the full, unedited version of the email I received from Col. Boylan’s email account, which I published without edits of any kind.

Then, in the very next paragraph, I explained that I was going to post selected excerpts from that email:

In terms of whether the U.S. Army under Petraeus and Boylan is, in fact, becoming a political actor, I’ll let multiple passages from Boylan’s email to me this morning speak for itself

One Conservative blogger and apparently the heir to the Agitation and Propaganda Section of the Central Committee Secretariat of the old Soviet Communist Party, one The Dread Pundit Bluto writes in reply to Greenwald’s unassailable facts, posted by Bluto at 4:17 PM

Oh no! Snippy McSockpuppet is reading my thoughts!Except, he isn’t, as the first paragraph of my post notes:

Glenn Greenwald, as he had promised in his post at Salon, has forwarded the email he says he received from Colonel Steven A. Boylan, Public Affairs Officer for General Petraeus.

Glenn has decided to pretend that I accused him of concealing the full, alleged Boylan email. I did not. What I pointed out is that Greenwald used creative redaction to build up a strawman for himself to confront, while knowing that most of his readers would never bother to follow the external link to the full email.

Meanwhile, Glenn’s defenders are having a difficult time following their train of thought from one paragraph to the next, specifically this passage:
The parts that Greenwald chose not to publish tend to contradict his characterization of the email as “bizarre” and “unsolicited”.

“Publish” refers to the Salon article, not the external link to Greenwald’s blog. If any lefties are still confused, simply mumble “…in the Salon post…” quietly to yourself.

I guess Dread also works part-time at Psychic hotline and hasn’t a clue what a straw man is. He looked deep into his crystal ball and just knew that Greenwald’s readers would not click the link and read the whole e-mail which as we all know in Wingnuttia is exactly the same thing as hiding something. It’s pretty obvious who is afraid to leave the echo chamber. Dread the Psychic, paid up member of the the terminally unhinged said Glenn was hiding something; the vast majority of Right-wing Blogistan repeated it like a rumor that Mattel was coming out with a Gay GI Joe doll and they call gave themselves a collective ass slapping congratulations.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs writes that I’ve “now pulled another astonishingly mendacious move,” and announces that “[d]etails on Greenwald’s sleazy maneuver are at The Dread Pundit Bluto.” Lorie Byrd at Wizbang excitedly announces: “Bluto has posted the full text of the email Glenn Greenwald received from Colonel Steven A. Boylan” (something I did myself yesterday) and then says: “Interesting is what Greenwald chose to post from the email, and what he chose to omit.” The individual who calls himself “Dr. Rusty Shackelford” says that I “edited the email to [my] best advantage” but that “the full text is here [at Dread Pundit’s blog] with the portions Greenwald left out in boldface.” And on and on and on.

In the Rightie blogs that do take comments the facts are barely addressed if at all. The whole episode is just another chance for the keyboard warriors to repeat the falsehoods from the last time Greenwald wrote something that pissed them off, they fired blanks, and Glenn emerged victorious and even more popular. The Right just isn’t smart enough to realize how much they help boost the reps of moderate bloggers.
More here, (Update 2X)God, What WingNut Morons, Part 3,437, where Ezra Klein notes that Boylan proved Glenn’s point,

I wonder if Boylan will get fired from this? And I wonder if he realizes how much attention he’s drawn to Greenwald’s main point: The politicization of military information?

The Sideshow sums it up in one sentence, The nefarious Glenn Greenwald is guilty of the evil liberal tendency to conceal things by publishing them.

While we’re on the subject of Conservatives stellar history of telling the truth and nothing but Mister!, Fake News Conference Fallout: FEMA PR Chief Loses New Job

Pat Philbin, FEMA’s external affairs director, was scheduled to become director of public affairs for National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell on Monday. It was not immediately clear whether he offered his resignation or was fired just as he was set to begin the job.

As of Sunday, officials only said that they were aware of concerns.

But Monday, the director of national intelligence office issued this statement: “We do not normally comment on personnel matters. However, we can confirm that Mr. Philbin is not, nor is he scheduled to be, the director of public affairs for the office of the director of national intelligence.”

FEMA Director David Paulison said Philbin sent him an e-mail in which he took full responsibility for last week’s staging of the news conference

For the Right to dive head deep into the absurdity that Greenwald was hiding something makes the latest FEMA-Pravda scandal seem all the more poignant. The contrast between their constant pleas that they  and only they possess some secret and ultimate truth is always at odds with the facts of the Right’s actions.

Kaffee: Maybe if we work at it we can get Dawson charged with the Kennedy assassination. ~ from A Few Good Men (1992)

update: What country does Michelle Malkin live that she thinks the people of a city with a median household income of $20,595 are living “high on the hog”. Do these simpletons of delusion live behind some kind of invisible force field of  ignorance through which no facts shall pass.