“character means absolute obedience that does not question the results of the order”

Bill O’Reilly has always impressed me as lacking moral courage or direction. While he never fails to live down to my expectations sometimes he pushes the envelope, Video: O’Reilly cuts the mic rather than be exposed . If there is a war of ideas, and it is debatable whether the Right has any ideas O’Reilly has two major tools in his arsenal, yelling louder then his opponent and just cutting them off. How brave.

Sanity Watch, ah excuse me, Weimar Watch :

Has there ever before been a time in America where a major political party would virtually pray for our defeat in a war so that they could demonize the leader of the opposition and turn that defeat into victory for them at the polls? Well, you’re seeing just that right now,”

( emphasis mine. Courtesy a pretend patriot named Neal Boortz. Neal didn’t explain why he was at his keyboard instead of Iraq or as Republicans are selling it, De Front Line in the War on Terror)

Just yesterday I was measured for my burka so leaving Iraq and saving American lives would seriously depress my tailor. Neal and I seem to differ on what reality is much less what constitutes caring about your country and humanity in general. I could swear that wrapping a steaming pile of bull about WMD, connections to a Sunni terror organization, and Iraq, a country The V.P Dick Cheney was glad to do business with constitutes some form of treason, yet Neal supports these rodents with R’s after their names. Proving that Neal’s moral compass has a broken dial. As for the paranoid fantasy that a few thousand guys with small arms could take over the world’s most powerful nation I guess he’s never been to a turkey shoot in Georgia. Its not just Mr. Boortz, the tone, the implied and manifest accusations are the standard issue nationalistic propaganda, The Oath to Adolf Hitler, Speech by Rudolf Hess on 25 February 1934

Loyalty not only in deed, but in character is demanded of you. Loyalty of character often demands no less heroic virtue than does loyalty in deed. Loyalty in character is unbreakable loyalty, a loyalty that knows no ifs or buts, that knows no weakening, Loyalty in character means absolute obedience that does not question the results of the order nor its reasons, but rather obeys for the sake of obedience itself. Such obedience is an expression of heroic character when following the order leads to personal disadvantage or seems even to contradict one’s personal convictions.

Fifty years later and nationalists like Boortz haven’t even bothered to learn some new rhetorical tricks, they still use the same tired crap.

Is a new conservatism possible? – The right is in serious trouble — and not just because of Bush’s disastrous presidency. But will it be able to change its reactionary ways? – By Gary Kamiya at Salon

American conservatism is at once absolutist and utopian, and reactive and aggrieved. Which state came first is a chicken-and-egg question, but they reinforce each other. Psychologically, conservatives want contradictory things — both pure freedom and an unchanging Golden Age. Pragmatically, they want things that are mutually exclusive — no social contract and an organic, connected community, untrammeled individual rights and a rigid moral code. The inevitable disappointment results in resentment. The reason that the American right always behaves as if it is an angry outsider, even when it controls all three branches of government, is that it is at war not with “liberalism” but with social reality.

Therefore, it is not sufficient to argue, as I implicitly did in my earlier piece, that all that conservatives need to do is return to their principles. Rather, they need to acknowledge that purity is impossible. They need to come to terms with the fact that unlimited freedom results in the tragedy of the commons, in which the unchecked actions of individuals destroy the common good. Real politics consists of negotiations between two goods, the good of freedom and the good of society.

America has had three great leaps in the expansion of federal government power since WW II, Nixon, Reagan and Bush II. Yet they still run around, though many red faced and shrill at this point claiming to be the party of small government. For years Conservatives have been mainlining that big goberment smack, taxpayer money in the form of that good old traditional pay for play.  Goberment as evil and as big tit at which nanny state Republicans have lined up to feed. Republicans have been post Eisenhower an absurd and corrupting merger of warped ideals as you”ll find this side of the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age. Republicans are “values voters”? In what universe. Anyway Mahablog said it first and best here, Where Next for Conservatism?

Depressing, FISA Amendment Update by Big Tent Democrat

Senate in the process of approving the Bush-McConnell-Bond bill passes 60-28. Pathetic Democratic Senators includes a whole bunch of the most pathetic, rollsable Senators in our caucus you could ever imagine