Just remember, there’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory

Whatever blogging or punditry is, it is not as dangerous nor does it involve as much sacrifice as being a soldier on patrol in Iraq no matter how much conservative John Podhoretz thinks so,

“In its own way, this war of ideas is no less bloody than the one being fought by our troops in the Middle East.”

It is not the case that Norm has the nerve to call other Conservatives names, Norm would have to possess some nerve to do that. It is most likely just another Con with a martyr complex who doesn’t understand how even other Conservatives are prisoners of their biological constraints even when it comes to dragging oneself to the keyboard to turn out more tripe.

Democrats despite themselves and the hide-bound middle of the road mentality that plagues many of their decisions seem able to project to the public that they share their frustrations. Democrats Stand to Make Big Gains in Senate

“Surveys done last week in seven states with competitive Senate races showed Democrats leading or tied in five, trailing narrowly in one, and with a significant deficit in the other. All seven Senate seats now are held by Republicans.”

POLL: Views on Iraq Unchanged Despite Better Casualty Reports

Authorities have reported a decline in violence in October. Nonetheless, 2007 has been the deadliest year overall for U.S. military forces in Iraq. Sixty percent favor withdrawing U.S. forces, a new high (by a scant 2 points from September), while just 9 percent favor increasing troop levels, matching the low set in December 2005. At the same time, relatively few, 17 percent, favor an immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces, matching its average in polls since 2006.

All told, 63 percent say the war was not worth fighting, almost exactly its average this year, and a majority, steadily since December 2004. Intensity against the war continues to run high, with 51 percent saying they feel “strongly” that it was not worth fighting, more than double its strong supporters.

Republicans and Bush continue to want to own the continued occupation of Iraq. Trying to portray it as some kind of Berlin Wall where we’re drawing the line between the vast Islamic conspiracy to take over the world and make us all ride camels and eat figs for breakfast. Every winger alive today will go to their graves believing that silly, but dangerous world view. Its as though modern Conservatives have a romanticized view of Islamic terrorism. Rather then seeing it as a relatively small gang of sociopaths they want to see it as a grand struggle. The Right cast in themselves in the imaginary role of story book knights defending the kingdom ready to….. do something or other. We know they’re not ready to fight; College Republicans don’t want to take time out from persuing those six figures jobs, and like Normie Podhertz and the Rightie bloggers they sure aren’t leaving the safety of Mom’s basement to fight the greatest threat facing America since a German Panzer division. To think of al-Queda as an international policing problem just takes all the proxy warrior wet dreams out of it.

Remember how Michelle Malkin and her fellow unhinged salivating social-Darwinists were celebrating the defeat of health-care for working class children. It was a lot like watching a mob cheer as your house burned down. I thought at the time this will come back to haunt them and it has, SCHIP kills Republicans

According to this survey, portions of which were obtained by Roll Call, Knollenberg’s lead over his likely challenger, state Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters (D), was at 7 points — 42 percent to 35 percent — a 5-point drop from the advantage the incumbent held in April.

Knollenberg’s 7-point lead turned into a 7-point deficit after respondents were read both a push question characterizing his position on SCHIP, and the Democratic and Republican arguments for and against the program.

“As you may know, Joe Knollenberg voted AGAINST preserving and expanding the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides health care to children in low-income families,” this portion of the poll read.

So if the Malkin Militants Against Children and Families would you please, pretty please continue to dribble all over your bibs. I for one would appreciate it.

Optimus Prime, ” Just remember, there’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.”

update: This is interesting in light of the Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press study of media coverage of the presidential candidates from both parties which the Right claimed vindicated their long held false assertion that the media is liberal. Remember one of the standards Harvard used was the number of negative stories, “A vote for Romney is a vote for Satan”. Sounds a bit negative, but that declaration didn’t come from liberals,

“A vote for Romney is a vote for Satan,” Keller declared in his daily e-mail devotional last May. His reasoning went like this: Romney’s election would serve as a giant advertisement for a competing religion, Mormonism, which Keller and others believe has falsely portrayed itself as another form of Christianity in an effort to find converts. “He would influence people to seek out the Mormon faith,” Keller predicted of a Romney presidency. “They would get sucked into those lies and they would eventually die and go to hell.”

Keller is a Republican of course and obviously feels he has a valid opinion to express. Should the “liberal” press ignore what prominent Republicans have to say. We all know that the last De,ocratic debate got plenty of coverage because of Hillary and the feminist angle to that event. Where was the Morning shows and CNN on this story about Keller. Maybe its because Republicans deciding who goes to hell is such a common event it isn’y news worthy anymore.