“There is always an easy solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong.”

CIA Rendition: The Smoking Gun Cable

Under torture after his rendition to Egypt, al Libi had provided a confession of how Saddam Hussein had been training al Qaeda in chemical weapons. This evidence was used by Colin Powell at the United Nations a year earlier (February 2003) to justify the war in Iraq. (“I can trace the story of a senior terrorist operative telling how Iraq provided training in these [chemical and biological] weapons to al Qaeda,” Powell said. “Fortunately, this operative is now detained, and he has told his story.”)

But now, hearing how the information was obtained, the CIA was soon to retract all this intelligence. A Feb. 5 cable records that al Libi was told by a “foreign government service” (Egypt) that: “the next topic was al-Qa’ida’s connections with Iraq…This was a subject about which he said he knew nothing and had difficulty even coming up with a story.”

You see, torture does work. It makes people tell whatever story it is they think you want to hear to get you to stop torturing them. In the mean time people that pretend to care about America and the lives of its citizens, sends them into harm’s way based on the stories that used torture as a basis for those actions.

Media overlook crucial questions raised by Suskind’s new book

In recent years, President Bush and various Republican leaders have suggested that the absence of another terrorist attack on American soil indicates that the White House’s anti-terrorism policies have been effective. But Suskind noted how the Madrid train bombing in March 2004 “was further affirmation of what CIA analysts had first begun to see in sigint [signals intelligence] and limited humint [human intelligence] as far back as the spring of 2002: a possible strategic shift by al Qaeda away from further attacks on the U.S. mainland.” (Pages 303-304)

That was and still is a neat rhetorical flourish by the wingnuttery. Absolve Bush of any negligence for 9-11, but give him credit as the protective daddy figure that has kept another attack from occurring. Bush can probably hold his Popsicle in the bright sun of a hot July day without it melting. What a bizarre way to view any human, part John Wayne movie caricature, part mystical messiah. If its bad, its never Bush’s fault, if its good thank your lucky stars His Royal Bush is in charge.

Suskind disclosed that Hank Crumpton, the CIA officer overseeing the agency’s hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan in 2001, personally warned Bush that the United States risked “los[ing] our prey” if more troops were not sent to help in the effort. Specifically, Crumpton told Bush in a November 2001 meeting that additional U.S. forces were needed because the Pakistani soldiers and local Afghan militias that had cornered bin Laden in the mountains near Tora Bora were “definitely not” equipped to capture him themselves. (Page 59) According to Suskind, Bush repeatedly received classified reports from the CIA in early December that the “back door is open” — referring to the unmanned Afghanistan-Pakistan border. (Page 74) But the Bush administration never committed more troops to the area, and the Al Qaeda leader ultimately escaped.

If Bush’s foreign policy was a steak most people wouldnsend it back, yet this cheap piece of flank was reelected. What day was it that so many Americans adapted an unhealthy, unquestioning view of authority. If Republicans held themselves up to the same impossibly high standards they hold Democrats, they’d might have captured OBL and reduced the number of terrorists rather then increasing them. Is there something deep down in the Republican psyche that enjoys being used and using others.

WTF is MSNBC thinking. Rosie O’Donnell is whatever she is, but a knowledgeable insightful commentator on politics she is not. On the other hand Rachel Maddow is smart, funny and has that unique ability to filter all the issues in a way that working class American can relate to, Note to MSNBC: Two words: Rachel. Maddow.

“There is always an easy solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong.” ~H.L. Mencken


The RNC’s Spin All Silhouettes and Shadows

Virginia is a state that is moving from purple to blue. It has been a bumpy ride, but that trend shows no sign of slowing up for the foreseeable future. In the world of politics it is an important state for many reasons. For one, many if not most of our federal elected officials, their staff and career bureaucrats live in the home state of our first four presidents. With all respects to Philadelphia, the principles and ideas on which the nation was founded were born in the state of Virginia. The symbolic significance of which is immeasurable. Republicans are rightly upset that they can’t turn that trend around, but lying about their political victories or lack of is hardly a way to win back the confidence of the people, RNC Responds to Elections

Republicans in Virginia retained control of the Virginia House of Delegates despite the best efforts of Governor Tim Kaine and an enormous spending advantage by the state Democrat establishment.

Spin is what Republicans do when the truth isn’t useful on any particular day, Kaine Hails ‘Balance’ in New Political Landscape

RICHMOND, Nov. 7 — A day after the Democrats took control of the Virginia Senate and gained seats in the House, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) said he now has “some friends” in the General Assembly and has achieved his goal of bringing “more balance” to a political landscape that was dominated by Republicans just six years ago.

The governor said he hoped the change will mean that the parts of his agenda that stalled during his first two years in office might advance in his last two. He listed additional investments in education, mental health and environmental protection as programs that might move forward.

So to translate “Republicans in Virginia retained control of the Virginia House of Delegates” means ignore the fact that Democrats picked up three seats. And Democrats gained control of the Commonwealth’s Senate. If Republicans are going to spin they might want to take some lessons from Sen. John W. Warner (R),

“The Republican Party of Virginia has drifted from the time-honored principle of the big tent,” he said in a statement last night. “In my judgment, yesterday’s election results demonstrate that Virginia voters value greatly political leaders who are willing to reach reasonable solutions and tackle big issues ranging from the budget to immigration to the environment and transportation.”

At least Warner’s statement has some tiny grain of truth in it. The fact is that Virginia Republicans politicians have, whenever given the chance run the state much like Bush has run Iraq. They’ve run the gamut from corrupt to lazy to inept to deeply weird,

…Republican Sen. D. Nick Rerras (R), who was criticized for once tying mental illness to demonic possession.

…Republican Patricia B. “Tricia” Stall, who once advocated for an end to government involvement in education.

Tricia, much like Karl Rove knows that an ignorant population is one that is the easier to manipulate.

Remember when Faux Fox News made the Republican Congressman Mark Foley, who had a penchant for coming on to teenage Congressional pages into a Democrat. Then the Associated Press did it too – First on Fox, Then on AP! Although At Lleast AP Had the Decency to Issue a Correction! . Maybe one’s politics is organic if I had to spin 24/7 I’d be nauseous, but it doesn’t seem to bother the RNC or Fox at all.