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Bush’s outrageous neglect of Iraqi refugees 

One of the great looming disasters of the war in Iraq, a moral abdication of immense proportion, is the Bush administration’s failure to help those Iraqis who have risked their lives to help us.

The Iraqi translators, drivers, and assistants of all sorts face near-certain death, at the hands of one militia or another, once U.S. forces begin to pull out (and, rhetoric aside, the pullout has begun). Dozens have been kidnapped or killed already. Whatever one’s feelings about the war, it is beyond dispute that these people have earned our commitment to their safety. If they want to leave, we have an obligation to get them out.

[  ]…Helping them leave would also be an acknowledgment that Iraq holds no future for these people—some of whom are among the country’s educated elite. And that would be tantamount to acknowledging that the war will not end in victory, at least not as the term was originally defined.

Kaplan notes that one commander formed a kind of modern underground railroad to get the Iraqis that helped him into Jordan. A little more here on our national leaders and their tendency to either use or ignore Iraq at their convenience.

Republican Corruption is Gushing Faster Than Oil in Alaska 

When the FBI came looking for corruption in Alaska politics, it found an excellent perch in Suite 604 of the Baranof Hotel in Juneau, the state capital. There, a profane septuagenarian named Bill Allen did business throughout a 2006 special session called to set taxes on the oil industry. With hundred-dollar bills in his front pocket for ease of access when lawmakers turned up with their hands out, the oil-services company executive turned in a bravura performance before the pinhole camera that federal agents installed opposite his favorite chair.

“Let me count first here,” Allen said, shushing a former statehouse speaker as he counted out a bribe in video footage entered as evidence in the lawmaker’s September trial, one of several crowding the docket of the federal court here.

On another tape, Pete Kott, the former Republican speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives, crowed as he described beating back a tax bill opposed by oil companies. “I had to cheat, steal, beg, borrow and lie,” Kott said. “Exxon’s happy. BP’s happy. I’ll sell my soul to the devil.”

“Well, that will stay in this room,” one lobbyist said as a midnight session wound down.

A habit that Republicans can’t seem to break, mixing religion, politics and corruption.

Over 35 million Americans faced hunger in 2006 

Overall, 35.52 million people, including 12.63 million children, went hungry compared with 35.13 million in 2005. The survey was conducted in December 2006 and represented 294 million people, an increase of 2.5 million from 2005.

Food advocacy groups said the figures showed the United States was not doing enough to combat hunger, and feared conditions could worsen.

“As costs for food, energy, and housing continue to rise and wages stagnate or decline, households are finding themselves increasingly strapped,” said Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center. “This may mean even worse numbers in 2007.”

Via TPM, Rachel Paulose  US Attorney in Minnesota known not so mush for her people skills as much as her loyalty to the fringe Right thinks that a there is a conspiracy underway to remove her frm office because she has been supposedly so aggressive on the prosecution of human traffickers, Is Rachel Paulose Being Hounded from Office by People Who Are Soft on Prostitution? 

Paulose’s  job is indeed in jeopardy, but until this breathtaking new theory was introduced by Hughes and Powerline, the jeopardy was attributed to several other causes. She was promoted by the now-discredited circle of Justice Department officials who were implicated in the forced resignations that caused several openings for new U.S. attorneys who were considered to be “loyal Bushies.” She had little administrative/managerial experience to run a large office and has alienated most of the staff in the Minneapolis office.

* Several of Paulose’s highest-ranking subordinates voluntarily took demotions to non-management positions to protest against her leadership style. Her staff has been in nearly open rebellion against her, on one occasion bursting into applause, in her presence, to honor those who demoted themselves.

Her lack of legal and management skills are obvious enough to anyone not blinded by ideology. The this is just another chapter in the Republican playbook, if all else fails yell conspiracy and claim victimhood. Whatever it takes to distract attention from their serial screw-ups.