Retro Santa Claus Posters

Santa Enjoys a Coke Cola. I’ve seen this old advertisement described as Santa “stealing” a Coke. That’s impossible, Santa would never steal. As Santa does so much work in a single night it is customary to leave him a snack and something to drink. Obviously no one wants a warm Coke so these folks left one in the fridge to keep it cold until Santa got there.

Santa Claus arrives

Santa and children

Santa, On Comet On Cupid

Santa and wildlife friends

Ol St Nick

Santa at workbench

Surprised Santa. From an original print.

Golly Santa Card

Rudy Giuliani’s billing taxpayers for the trysts he had with his then mistress is kinda funny ( not all that funny since $400,000 dollars would put a lot of poor kids through college or feed a lot of elderly shut-ins), but much like Dick Cheney and Halliburton’s illegal deals with Saddam business money always trumps ethics, Giuliani’s terrorist ties

Meanwhile, Barrett’s latest article — probing the lucrative relationship between Giuliani’s security firm and the emirate of Qatar — prompts questions that “America’s Mayor” might have found truly hard to answer. With Qatar’s troubling record as both an American ally and a longtime haven for al-Qaida terrorists, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, or “KSM,” the little Gulf sheikdom is a curious client indeed for Giuliani Security and Safety, a division of Giuliani Partners.

If Giuliani was unaware of the terrorism issues surrounding Qatar before he signed his initial contract with the emirate in 2005, then he must not be quite the expert he claims to be. And if he knew of those issues but signed up anyway, that raises other questions.

Certainly he should be asked to explain his connections with the emirate and especially with Interior Minister Abdullah bin Khalid al-Thani, who has long been suspected of harboring KSM and facilitating the travel of al-Qaida operatives to and from Qatar. Whatever reasons the United States may have for maintaining diplomatic and military ties with Qatar, the contradictions in doing business with that nation for a hard-liner like Giuliani should be explored.