One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything

Gang Rape Cover-Up by Halliburton/KBR Revealed

    A Houston, Texas woman says she was gang-raped by Halliburton/KBR coworkers in Baghdad, and the company and the U.S. government are covering up the incident.

Jamie Leigh Jones, now 22, says that after she was raped by multiple men at a KBR camp in the Green Zone, the company put her under guard in a shipping container with a bed and warned her that if she left Iraq for medical treatment, she’d be out of a job.

If it wasn’t for a sympathetic guard who let her use their cell phone who knows what would have happened.

Remember good old Freedom Watch the group that bullied NBS into running its ads. Ads that were clearly politically motivated  and the costs of which could have been contributed to the USO or some other well established non-partisan  cause. Maybe they were trying to win back some of the support from military families that the Right and their  Decider Guy have lost,  Bush loses ground with military families

Families with ties to the military, long a reliable source of support for wartime presidents, disapprove of President Bush and his handling of the war in Iraq, with a majority concluding the invasion was not worth it, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found.

The views of the military community, which includes active-duty service members, veterans and their family members, mirror those of the overall adult population, a sign that the strong military endorsement that the administration often pointed to has dwindled in the war’s fifth year.

Nearly six out of every 10 military families disapprove of Bush’s job performance and the way he has run the war, rating him only slightly better than the general population does.

Fox’s Shep Smith let’s America know what most of us already knew, Fox is the Konservative Network,  Shepard Smith Says Fox Is President Bush’s Network

Courtney Friel then said to Smith that we (Fox News) had the White House number on their blackberries. This is when Shepard Smith said, ” We’re his network after all, so we do have his number.”

One’s first step in wisdom is to question everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything. ~ G. C. Lichtenberg