Colorado Autumn wallpaper

Colorado Autumn wallpaper 

Congradulations to Senator Dodd, DODD BEATS BACK BUSH SPYING BILL…

After waging an all-out battle against the Bush administration and leaders of his own party, Senator Chris Dodd achieved a legislative victory on Monday, halting President Bush’s attempt to rush a Senate vote on a bill granting retroative amnesty to companies accused of illegally spying on American citizens.

“Today we have scored a victory for American civil liberties and sent a message to President Bush that we will not tolerate his abuse of power and veil of secrecy,” Dodd said in a statement distributed by his presidential campaign. “The President should not be above the rule of law, nor should the telecom companies who supported his quest to spy on American citizens,” he added.

The Nation adds that it was also a victory for the netroots. It is amazing what can be accomplished when our elected officials act in concert with the people that elected them. I hope that Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi take the next few weeks to think that over. That the people do not want, nor is capitulation to Bush’s policies good for America and the rule of law.