Great idea nudge nudge wink wink, we’ll sell Huckabee as a liberal

Matthew Yglesias picked up on this piece by National Review ( They would be part of the establishment media by the way) written by Mark Hemingway,

I had (largely) refrained from piling on Huckabee because I wanted to give him a fair shake. I’ve now read his last two books (you can read my piece about them on NRO today) and am here to tell you they were terribly written and totally insubstantial. Thought his Foreign Affairs piece was bad? Read his chapter in From Hope to Higher Ground on how to “STOP the Loss of America’s Prestige at Home and Abroad.” His relentless use of folksy aphorisms and corny rhetorical sleight of hand provokes visceral objections — but the criticism isn’t merely superficial. In the TNR I piece I linked to yesterday a member of the Arkansas press corps observed, “He thinks and speaks in metaphors. And, often, they’re not right.” That, well, hits the nail on the head. […] I don’t think I’m being uncharitable when I say that’s disturbingly authoritarian. Huckabee should probably start answering some critics instead of dismissing this all as “The Establishment” trying to keep a good ol’ boy down.

This all raises the interesting issue of what would happen in the event that the establishment is somehow unable to beat back his insurgency. Presumably, the right-wing punditocracy would walk back a lot of this anti-Huckabee rhetoric. But it seems to me that you couldn’t walk it all the way back. And I feel like a move in either direction would prompt something of a crisis in the relationship between the conservative press and its audience. (emphasis mine)

Since Mr. Hemingway can’t stand folksy aphorisms or someone that is disturbingly authoritarian, one assumes that he completely rejects two of the signature traits of the Bush/Cheney reign. If the Right-wing establishment wants to make a case against the grass roots Huckabee maybe they would be better off not finding that his crucial failings are much like their hero’s George W Bush. Huckabee is doomed anyway so the Right need not get its tidy whities in a knot. He’s one of those actual Bible believing help the poor and hungry and the earth is only a couple of thousand years old Christians that the Right was happy to have line up at the Diebold machine, but never did want to have actual power.

One Republican commenters over at Matthew’s post claims that most of Huckabee’s supporters are “secular liberals”. He will not be the last Republican to wake up to the fact that his party has been composed of two major factions all along and the Huckabee faction wants a seat at the table with the elite frat boy Republicans like Bush and Hemingway.

It doesn’t get more elite establishment power then the Cuban cigar smoking French champagne drinking Rush Limbaugh. So in a throw down between Rush and Huckabee who’s side is the Michelle Malkin crowd going to take. Limbaugh’s of course, Rush goes nuclear on Huckabee? Update: Audio added, posted at 2:03 pm on December 21, 2007 by Allahpundit

Huck’s people have already begun kissing ass to mitigate the damage. The more the conservative world comes out against him, from Will to Peggy Noonan to NRO to Rush to Sean Hannity, the more he’ll be forced to pitch an “us against them” campaign to his supporters. He’s too far left on too many issues to tack right credibly, so the only way to keep them in the fold is to try to build on that religious and economic populism he’s peddling and make this a full-blown Cause against the conservative establishment. The trick is keeping the few truly big players like Limbaugh neutral, since they really do have the chops to tilt this thing in a two-man race. Sounds like it might already be too late.

In this post by Glenn Greenwald he writes about the up hill battle of the three anti-establishment candidates Huckabee, Ron Paul and John Edwards. The absurd proposition that Huckabee is too far left from the Limbaugh brown nosers over at Hot Air is a glaring example of that. If they and Limbaugh really believe what they’re saying then they are incredibly out of touch with a large part of their party’s base and recognition of the people who have given their party so many razor thin victories at the polls. Also in this same post at Hot Air was the warning not to attack Huckabee purely on religious grounds to stick with trying to paint Mike as too liberal. Are they going to be able to get away with attacking a Republican who is also a minister without alienating the voters they need to win. In other words can the Right pull the same political dirty tricks on Mike that they pulled on McCain in 2000 and somehow make it look like Mike went down in flames because as Ann Coulter has said “Mike Huckabee is the Republican Jimmy Carter.” Coulter is quoted in this piece for the Right-wing NewsMax, Ann Coulter: Huckabee Like GOP Jimmy Carter

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter says GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is the “Republican Jimmy Carter” and nominating him would be a big mistake for the party.

Appearing with John Gibson and Heather Nauert on Fox News’ “The Big Story,” Coulter was asked about Huckabee’s recent surge in the polls.

“I’m getting tired of this being blamed on the evangelicals,” said Coulter.

Huckabee’s rise is actually “bad for the evangelicals,” she asserted. “Mike Huckabee is the Republican Jimmy Carter.”

Nominating the ordained Baptist minister “would be a big mistake,” Coulter opined. “He has many good qualities. Unfortunately, the things that are upsetting to the mainstream media about Huckabee are what normal Americans like.”

She cited as examples Huckabee’s “religiosity and his questioning of Darwinian evolution.”

But she criticized the former Arkansas governor for opposing a bill that would have required Arkansas residents to prove they are Americans before they could vote or get social services.

That last paragraph is ironic in that Huckabee’s position on that issue is rabid Right while Coulter’s is liberal. As her respect for science over superstition. To sum up Coulter’s position anyone but Senator Clinton or Mike Huckabee and she’ll be using liberal rationalism to make her case. Coulter, Limbaugh, Malkin, the National Review and Newsmax aren’t too far off course. This is how they think and what they think about the future of America. Its wacky Konservaworld filled with contradictions and irony. It is not a big tent as much as it is an out of control circus. Interesting since Conservatives have always been guided by and strictly adhered to staying on message. Its certainly not a secret right-wing plot. Hot Air and others seem to be quite ready to admit that Huckabee and his supporters are not true Republicans and that it is in their best interest to paint the Huckinites as liberals. The simplest examination of the facts revels that strategy to to be composed of pure bunk, but when has that ever stopped the real powers in the Republican party from turning up the noise machine full blast.

Tucker Carlson explains why if you come from a working class family, play by the rules, work hard and make money then buy a large house like John Edwards you don’t deserve to be president.