The measure of your quality as a public person, as a citizen, is the gap between what you do and what you say

Obama aide: O’Reilly shoved me.

An aide to Barack Obama said talk-show host Bill O’Reilly shoved him several times at the rope line after a campaign event today.

Marvin Nicholson, Obama’s trip director, said the commentator from Fox News Channel pushed him and called him “low class” after Nicholson refused to get out of the way of his cameraman’s shot.

“I’ve worked two campaigns, and I’ve never had a member of the press lay hands on a staff member before,” Nicholson said.

On one hand I was wondering what O’Falafel was doing there. He has never done anything like practice actual journalism. Then I put on some right-wing tin foil and its obvious that  the cowardly hate monger went to Obama’s rally to accomplish exactly what seems to have happened. BO got some free publicity, the kind that endears him to the freeper crowd and in a future show will let lose some oral fart about how some thugs at the Obama event beat him up. This episode follows the well established Conservative routine of portraying themselves as both tough guys and poor little victims. No that doesn’t make sense, but rational thinking and mature behavior has never been the Right’s forte.

Video: Former CIA Director William Colby: Torture is ineffective

Qatar oil min says markets well-supplied  

OPEC is not behind a recent rise in oil prices as markets are well-supplied and the price is purely driven by speculators, a Kuwaiti newspaper quoted the Qatari oil minister as saying.

“Investment funds and speculators are behind the recent hike,” Abdullah al-Attiyah told al-Jarida newspaper in comments published on Friday.

“The market is not suffering from any luck in supplies, and there is no disturbance in producers’ regions.”

I used to know someone that plated around in the oil futures market and if you know what you’re doing its easy free money for doing nothing.

Private Cash Sets Agenda for Urban Infrastructure

Philanthropic spending adds mainly to the nation’s stock of hospitals, libraries, museums, parks, university buildings, theaters and concert halls. Public infrastructure — highways, bridges, rail systems, water works, public schools, port facilities, sewers, airports, energy grids, tunnels, dams and levees — depends mostly on tax dollars. It is hugely expensive and the money available, while still substantial, has shrunk as a share of the national economy.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that government should be spending $320 billion a year over the next five years — double the current outlay — just to bring up to par what already exists.

Interesting article ona few levels, but the major impression that it reinforced was the inexorable link between private spending and the public money that must be spent to support, or subsidize if you like those private endeavors. Museums, libraries, university expansions, etc are just useless monolithes without infrastructure like roads, rail, airports and bridges.

There has been less backtracking on the results in Iowa then I expected, but leave it to Bill O’Reilly’s favorite Rudy Giuliani  to pretend that Iowa never mattered despite earlier claims like this,

Giuliani said: “Our largest staff contingent is now in Iowa. … We’re going to make a big effort in Iowa. We’re making a big effort and our strategy was to focus on the caucuses.” And in a June 6, 2007, article, Reuters quoted Giuliani campaign manager Michael DuHaime saying: “We are 100 percent committed to winning Iowa and I believe we will do so.”

“The measure of your quality as a public person, as a citizen, is the gap between what you do and what you say.” – Ramsey Clark