I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup

Regardless of who is predicting what or who thinks who has momentum, Senator Clinton is ahead in the actual delegate count by 100. For what its worth Trailhead at Slate thinks Edwards should drop out to leave the “change” voters for Obama, but Black Agenda thinks Obama is the Clinton-lite vote.

When the going gets tough one can always rely on the Right to reach in their bag of moldy old tricks, Hannity Plays The Race Card Against Obama And Echoes Viral Attack Email

Here we go again. White supremacist sympathizer and proven bigot Sean Hannity once again pulled out the race card on Barack Obama on last night’s (1/9/08) Hannity & Colmes. No one familiar with Hannity’s history of hostility toward African Americans should be surprised that he would do this, especially once Obama won the Iowa caucuses.

If you acknowledge that there are some stone cold cases some of whom are Muslims you’re not swimming with the fetid tide of right-wing shrillness in the never ending war on terrur. You must believe as neocon sweetheart Stephen Coughlin that pretty much the entirety of the world’s one billion Muslims are out to get us.

Does he speak Arabic? No. How about Urdu? Nope. He studied Islam where? No clue. But he graduated from an ABA sanctioned second-tier law school. A good school, but it is not known as a center of Islamic study. Unfortunately, Coughlin’s broad brush approach to Islam is more polemics than scholarship.

Is it ant wonder that the administration can’t make headway on political solutions in Iraq with experts like Couglin running around.

Another survey of Iraqi deaths and unlikely at this point to settle much of anything, Study: 151,000 Iraqis died in 3 years after U.S. invasion 

A few things not in this study come immediately to mind. The number of Iraqis maimed or crippled  and the number of refugees created. Even the death toll only goes up to midway of 2006. American causalities are not included, nor are Americans that have life altering wounds. I’m not a pacifists, there are times when wars are eminently necessary and the net benefits outweigh other options. Iraq did not meet either criteria.

On the lighter side, everything you ever wanted to know about bananas, ‘Banana’ unpeels the history of a fruit 

In “Banana,” Koeppel, a longtime outdoors and adventure writer, weaves a multifaceted story about how the fruit’s unique nature has allowed it to become a worldwide food staple and a geopolitical force that has both shaped and toppled nations.

“I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?’” ~ Jerry Seinfield