Frozen Trees Blue Skies wallpaper

Frozen Trees Blue Skies wallpaper 

Your government is a little less corrupt today. Rep. Doolittle to Retire From Congress – Republican Rep. John Doolittle of California stated, “My wife, Julie, and I have made this decision after much prayer and deliberation. It was not my initial intent to retire, and I fully expected and planned to run again right up until very recently,”. There’s nothing inherently wrong with prayers, but it makes you wonder about both Doolittle’s sincerity and what or who he intermittently prays to. Boring in its predictability Doolittle went out whining that it was all part of a big conspiracy, Doolittle attacks critics as ‘weasels’

 Rep. John Doolittle, R-Calif., denounced his GOP critics as “weasels” Friday even as his chief of staff appeared before a federal grand jury investigating Doolittle’s ties to jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Doolittle also told reporters on a conference call Friday that he believes the Justice Department’s long-running probe “borders on harassment.”

Prosecutors are investigating connections between Doolittle and Abramoff including payments that Doolittle’s wife, Julie, got from Abramoff even after a fundraiser she was paid to plan got canceled.