This is that good process turkey

It is news like this that feds the suspicion that the Right is enjoying the war and all the sacrifices made as their Decider Guy plays with people’s lives like they were characters in a video game and Bush the god of the game console, Iraq to reinstate Saddam party followers

Before the party was outlawed — the first official act of L. Paul Bremer’s Coalition Provisional Authority — its membership was estimated at between 2 million and 6 million.

The strict implementation of so-called de-Baathification rules meant that many senior bureaucrats who knew how to run ministries, university departments and state companies were fired after 35 years of Baath party rule.

Bremer’s Coalition Provisional Authority order No. 1 of May 16, 2003, had effectively stripped key government ministries, the military and top economic institutions of centuries of cumulative experience. The order also was blamed for fueling the Sunni-dominated insurgency that took root in the late summer of 2003, under the leadership of ousted Sunni Baathists who sought vengeance against hat they saw as their American tormentors.

Now his majesty King Bush has declared this a great step forward.

Old Glory wallpaper 

Assuming innocent until proven guilty and all that good stuff Blackwater isn’t helping its case with this kind of behavior,  FBI finds Blackwater trucks patched

Blackwater Worldwide repaired and repainted its trucks immediately after a deadly September shooting in Baghdad, making it difficult to determine whether enemy gunfire provoked the attack, according to people familiar with the government’s investigation of the incident.

When asked why BW made such hurried repairs a spokesperson said,

Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell said any repairs “would have been done at the government’s direction.” Blackwater’s contract with the State Department requires that the company maintain its vehicles and keep them on the road.

There is a certain weird logic to those claims. Blackwater has close ties to Bush and the State Department so any mud that sticks to Blackwater sticks to Bush.

The Lancet study that showed 650,000 Iraqis were killed since the occupation began might have been correct or maybe not, but its the most obvious of logical fallacies to run around screaming that the Lancet study must be wrong because George Soros supplied part of the funding for the study. By that logic everything that ten years of a Republican Congress made a spending priority and Bush signed off on must have been money that was completely wasted including the occupation of Iraq. A tip of the hat to those right-wing blogs and pundits that are not the least embarrassed by the use of this comically absurd tactc to draw attention away from and trivialize the over 150,000 Iraqis that have been killed and the over three thousand American casualties.

Why is a Republican leading this battle, Megachurch Money Hypocrisy Sparks Church-State Showdown 

Nearly 2,000 years later, some who claim to speak in Jesus’ name are taking a different view. Consider Bishop Eddie Long, who pastors a megachurch in Lithonia, Ga. With a salary approaching $1 million a year and a nine-bathroom mansion situated on 20 acres, Long’s choice of vehicles reflects his opulent lifestyle: He drives a $350,000 Bentley.

Far from casting out money changers, Long is likely to join them. In a 2005 profile in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he defended his high-flying ways, insisting, “I pastor a multimillion dollar congregation. You’ve got to put me on a different scale than the little black preacher sitting over there that’s supposed to be just getting by because the people are suffering.”

Long’s lack of humility has probably done him no favors. At the time, U.S. Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), expressed dismay.

“When I hear about leaders of charities being provided a $300,000 Bentley to drive around in, my fear is that it’s the taxpayers who subsidize this charity who are really being taken for a ride,” he quipped.

Paula and Randy White of Florida, the never charming Joyce Meyer and Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Newark, Texas are among several corporate ministries under scrutiny.

Miss Birdie: This is that good process turkey. – from the movie The Rainmaker (1997)