Lake Michigan wallpaper and news notes

Lake Michigan Shore wallpaper

Interesting that the Bush administration has decided that felons are no longer actual citizens, Aren’t Martha Stewart and other Felons “People”?

Alaska’s governor reminds us of the Republican contempt for science and wildlife, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin Hearts Polar Bears – NOT!

Valdosta State University in Georgia has decided that students who make objections to the university’s planned parking garages are both dangerous and mentally unstable, Maybe He Shouldn’t Have Spoken His Mind

That story that many of the news services carried about Bush and the Iraqi government reversing the anti-Baathification process in a step forward in political reconciliation wasn’t exactly as advertised. Actually the new law is not exactly making the ex-Baathist happy, New Iraqi Law on Baath Worries Ex-Baathists – So the right-wing yells of mission accomplished for the umpteenth time are just another exercise in sound bite management.

Obviously no matter how loud they yell they can’t have their dear leader from going down in history and the guy that burned the house down and thought he did a heck of a job. 66% disapproval rating.

How Progressives Can Win on National Security

If not, let’s do a quick review. In 2001, Bush ignored intelligence warnings, did nothing, and America suffered the deadliest attack on its own soil in history. This president started to track down the perpetrators by going into Afghanistan, but then took a wrong turn into an unnecessary war in Iraq. Bush used the drumbeats for the Iraq War to bludgeon his political opponents in 2002 and 2004, securing a slim majority with an effective, but short-lived, public relations campaign.

The bottom began to fall out in 2005 when the reality started to sink in that we are much less safe. Americans began to witness the consequences of being trapped refereeing Iraq’s civil wars: a decline in U.S. military readiness and Osama bin Laden still on the loose. In 2006, progressives created an amazing turnaround in the mid-term elections in large part by offering a clear alternative on Iraq in support of a strategic redeployment. Progressives should learn from the failures of 2002 and 2004 and from the successes of 2006.

Maybe Conservatives are like those people that are enjoying the current popularity of horror films, or what some are calling torture porn. They’re scared, enjoy being scared and want everyone else to be afraid all the time. having any perspective on the threats that face America in the realm of national security has become sacrilege to the party that used to advertise itself as the party of serious minded level headed adults. It turns out they’re the party of never ending panic and shrill rhetoric.