Two City wallpapers

Seaside City wallpaper 

Bridge Lights wallpaper 

And one non-city wall, Blue Waterway wallpaper.

Fox and actual news, sought of like trying to mix oil and water. The Center for Public Integrity reports over 935 false statements by Bush and his lackies and Fox doesn’t think it is worthy of reporting.

Glenn Beck hasn’t read Jonah Goldberg’s book yet or maybe he just can’t read. He’s decided that anyone that wants to do something about America’s record debt (meaning Democrats) are all Stalinists. Big thank you to CNN for continuing to provide such greats insights in the enormous problems facing the country.

Dick Cheney wants immunity for telecoms and he wants it now. All of which would unnecessary if Dick and George hadn’t had realized that the executive branch is equal to, not above Congress. President Bunnypants could have had the good judgment to go to Congress first rather then run his own little hidden government. Now, maybe the telecoms that went along with these shenanigans will have to answer for their incredibly poor judgment.