Antique World map circa 1856

Antique World Map circa 1856. Starting to look a lot more like modern maps compared to the ones posted from the 1700s.

McCain might been given the worse possible endorsement, from pretend vet Sylvester Stallone. The far far Right can’t stand McCain, anything connected to Hollywood or anything left of Mussolini. I’m not linking to , but this is from a post over at the Free Republic. Note the untethered mash up of dark nefarious forces at work behind the scenes. Knowledge of which only the true rapid nationalists like the freepers have the full story and can appreciate the full implications of, John McCain Gets Soros Cash, Posted on 03/11/2005 8:59:18 AM PST by edcoil, edited on 03/11/2005 7:46:18 PM PST by Jim Robinson

Senator John McCain’s Reform Institute has suffered some bad press recently due to its involvement in an influence-peddling scandal with Cablevision. As usual, however, mainstream media have failed to go to the root of the matter.

Founded on June 26, 2001, McCain’s Reform Institute for Campaign and Election Issues has long served as a nerve center for the so-called “campaign finance reform” movement – a movement which has done nothing to clean up campaign finance, but has done a great deal to empower federal judges and government bureaucrats to regulate political speech, in defiance of the Bill of Rights.

Now here’s the kicker. The list of donors published on the Reform Institute’s Web site reads like a veritable Who’s Who of radical, leftwing foundations, including the Tides Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Proteus Fund and George Soros’ Open Society Institute. (hat tip, Winfield Myers)

No doubt that McCain would be a befuddled president, a slightly more fiscally responsible version of George Bush, but the freepers have never the less dubbed him the worse of all possible things a RINO, a Republican in Name Only. McCain has a pretty straight up far right-wing record. Which tells you how far off the reservation the freepers are. If scientists ever start cloning humans the freepers will probably start clamoring for the resurrection of Joseph Goebbels.

McCain thinks we might stay in Iraq for a hundred years. The military doesn’t think we can sustain our current level of deployment there much less a hundred years,  Troops felled by a ‘trust gap’

George W Bush administration’s counter-terrorism strategy, admitted that “an active counter-insurgency campaign in Iraq could probably succeed in the coming decade with 25 US Brigade Combat Teams”. But that would be more than one-half of the total available in the entire army – a level of commitment that simply cannot be sustained.

With US requirements in Afghanistan – estimated by McCaffrey at four brigades permanently engaged in a campaign that would last 15 years, a continued war on terrorism in Southwest Asia has become nearly impossible. Additionally, McCaffrey says, “The US Army is starting to unravel. Our recruiting campaign is bringing into the army thousands of new soldiers who should not be in uniform” – those with criminal records, who have used drugs, who have been given moral waivers, or who have not graduated from high school. A senior Pentagon official agrees. “We have increased our recruiting totals and tripled the number of our police battalions,” he says, bitterly. “We will soon have to build new stockades to handle the influx.”

[  ]…All of which raises the question of whether the United States should have invaded Iraq in the first place, an issue that is becoming more pertinent to military officers who view the American adventure in Iraq as a political and military failure.


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