Mojave Storm wallpaper

Mojave Storm wallpaper 

MoveOn’s endorsement of Barack Obama was a nice boost to his campaign and progressive credentials, but ultimately predicable. That The Nation has weighed in with an endorsement and gives voters the minute details of what would make an Obama presidency a better pick then a Clinton presidency raises this article above the ordinary, The Choice. Kos thinks that Clinton won the debate because Obama didn’t do exactly what Christopher Hayes manages to do, clarify not just policy differences, but the real changes in Beltway thinking that we need.

Every Hero Needs A Villain 

The same folks who told us the surge worked because violence was down are now swearing up and down that the surge worked because violence is up again.

Part of Liberty Street’s response to the Republican blogger’s commentary on the recent suicide attack that used some women suffering from Down’s Syndrome. LS has this pitiful plea from one of the addled kool-aid drinkers,

I also bring all of this up in the hope that liberal readers might finally extract their craniums from their backsides and realize that whatever you think of Bush, he’s not the problem. He didn’t start the war and he’s not the cause of the jihad. Animals of the type who would blow up innocent mentally disabled women to kill scores of other innocent people cannot be reasoned with. There’s nothing to talk over with people like that. They live in a state of violent depravity that puts them beyond reason barring some massive change in their own minds. We infidels aren’t going to make that chance [he means “change”] by playing nice. We have to defeat them.

I’m somewhat familar with Saddam’s history, including his friendly relationship to the Reagan administration and there is no record of Saddam/Iraq’s government using the mentally disabled to attack Americans. Those bombings are the result of the occupation that Bush was determined to carry out regardless of the fact Saddam had no connections to 9-11 or Bin Laden. Would those suicide attacks have occurred if Bush had focused on tracking down the bad guys rather then invading Iraq. We all recognize the Right’s invocation of “they” and “them”. It has come to mean any Muslim in the Middle-East, the “Untermensch” the “sub-humans”. Bush is the great almighty protector that will cleanse the earth of the “Untermensch”. Should we mention that these latest attackers victims were all Iraqi civilians. Usually when radicalized Muslims yell jihad they mean a war against non-Muslims. The Right cannot square their infantile and constant invocation of the word jihad with the act of Muslims killing other Muslims. Jihad has simply become a handy catch phrase. The Kool-Kids use it instead of genuine knowledge since they lack deeper understanding of the political, tribal and religious issues at play in Iraq. That kind of serious thinking is supposed to impress all of us, so mark up the Right’s analysis of the latest cycle of violence as more drivel in their drool cup.