Victor David Hanson doublespeaks his way down the Conservative rabbit hole

Victor Davis Hanson punditry credentials rest squarely on supposed expertise as an historian. Since he has decided to put aside any attempt at scholarly objectivity, instead throwing his hat in the ring of shallow propaganda otherwise known as right-wing talking points he has pretty much shattered his credibility as a scholar. In ordinary circumstances, the forces of meritocracy at work, Hanson would be serving up some hot and crispy fries with that happy meal, paying the price for his Pravda-like spin of history for the sake of the Conservative movement. Instead he lives in ConservaWorld where merit means little if anything. As long as he continues to rewrite history to his liking, ignore context and pull absurd analogies out of an unmentionable part of his anatomy, organizations like the National Review will make sure that he is overfed and overpaid, A Different Perspective, Saturday, February 02, 2008 at The National Review on-line Hanson writes as part of the reason that John McCain has a real chance of becoming the Right’s next Prince,

In short, anyone who saw the Democratic debate Thursday night can envision the new future on their horizon: identity politics and self-congratulation over race and gender; tax increases (back to estate tax hikes, income tax rates go up, payroll tax caps lifted, etc); internationalism for the sake of internationalism (defer to the U.N., E.U., apologies for past conduct, contextualizing terrorism), more government (teachers, the poor, the middle class, etc. all need new government programs to add to those we have), and legislating judges (more Ginsburgs and Breyers). (emphasis mine)

Identity politics? This from the party of wedge politics that gave us you’re either with us or against us. The party that rose to power in the eighties on emphasizing the racial divide and exploiting it to eck out razor thin election victories. Identity politics is Conservative cheese whiz. No one really knows what ingredients go into making it, but wingers spread some on every issue, a kind of modern stink juice to scare moderate Americans away from seeing how we can find some common ground.

Tax increases? Now there’s some real scary stuff. Whether it was Saint Ronnie, the current free spending frat boy or the the Congress that Republicans controlled for ten years when ever Conservatives have had the power to spend they’ve spent like you’re children’s future didn’t matter. What terrible injustice does Hanson fear. Reducing the federal debt,  or paying the national bill that reckless Republican spending has wrought would increase the national saving rate. Generally this increases the national rate of savings. That all probably sounds too boring and responsible for the Hansons who think that taxes are simply an exclamation at the end of a Republican attack ad. People saving more, you know ordinary working people leads to a higher and more stable standard of living, all and all a stronger middle and working class that has confidence in the future. Rescending Bush’s welfare for the rich and corporate America would lower future federal interest payments. Does Hanson and the National Review not understand the concept of debt and interest. What Bush and his Congressional hand maidens did was start America down the road of paying for what we use now with some pie eyed fantasies about future revenues. Lastly for a party that seems to be in a continual fit of xenophobia getting rid of the nation’s Republican IOU would reduce our international balance of payments. China, at least on paper owns America and neither McCain or Romney has proposed a plan to change that. Nice of Hanson to gloss over that tiny detail.

Internationalism? Another code word when used by Hanson and The National Review. There is always that element of hypocrisy since while we’re losing ground in Afghistan, imagine the score if NATO wasn’t there to help us. We can’t pour troops into Afghanistan to do anything about Osama Been Forgotten because Hanson like other Rightie slight of hand artists has tried to convince America that Iraq is the front in the fight against international terrorism. Maybe this is what Hanson means by another little buzzword – contextualizing terrorism. Conservatives have, after five years and counting not come up with a plan to defeat terrorism or extricate American soldiers from Iraq so that means that Republicans are the non-contextualizers of terrorism – Conservative leaders are the know nothing dodderers that are as fat and happy as a Republican owned business on government contracts wants to maintain the staus quo, i.e. the daily causality count from Iraq and al-Queda regaining strength in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In four years a liberal president fought and won a war on two fronts for 3.2 trillon dollars (in 2007 dollars). A Conservative president who has spent 700 billion dollars to date has actually increased the numbers of the enemy. All the doublespeak and tough talk in the world from the likes of Hanson cannot hide the reality of the Right’s failure to handle the task of counter-terrorism.

Legislating judges? Hanson and the Right would know all about that since legislating judges are their favorite kind. Hanson, having decided to dive head long into hackery would never be intellectually honest enough to admit that the kinds of judges the Right likes are judges that are predisposed to rule according to the right-wing whim of the day, Rights and Protections Republicans Don’t Want You to Have

More government? We all owe Hanson a thanks for beating this tired drum, embarrassing Republicans and highlighting their deeply hypocritical rhetoric. Eisenhower was the last Republican president that even remotely resembled an actual Republican, then they became the party of the unhinged Right playing America like a cheap traveling magic show – keep your eye on what they say, not on what they actually do, Size and scope of government has increased under every modern Republican president.