Chicago at Night, Atlanta at Night wallpaper

Chicago at Night wallpaper 

Atlanta at Night wallpaper 

Things are going great in Iraq: The food rationing program has been ended by the government without the permission of Iraq’s Parliament. As unemployment is still so high it is estimated the cut in food rationing will effect about 40% of Iraq’s population. Iraqi health officials are predicting another outbreak of cholera as the weather warms up do to poor sanitation. Only one of three sewerage plants is working five years after Bush ordered weapons inspectors out of Iraq, while one of the other sewerage plants is barely operational. Dozens of Iraqi legislators walked out of parliament over a deadlock in discussions concerning the distribution of political power. The number of orphans in Iraq is estimated to be between hundreds of thousands to a million or more. The country’s electrical grid supplies about two hours of electricity a day. While the U.S. continues to do its best to minimize casualties many innocent civilians continue to be killed  almost daily.

It didn’t start with George W. Bush, but rather Newt Gingrich and the bizarrely dubbed Contract on America ( it turned out to be what it sounded like a hit on America’s working class), but Dubya having fully embraced and exacerbated cronyism also loves using arcane autocratic maneuverers to get what he wants, Bush Does Earmarks Too

Conservatives will ultimately rally round their presidential candidate in the next election and when that happens it will be fun to read their rationalizations of McCain’s flip-flops, Wash. Post claimed McCain “diverged from conservatives” on immigration, taxes, without noting his flip-flops

 In an article on Sen. John McCain’s efforts “to rally conservatives to his candidacy,” The Washington Post asserted that McCain “has diverged from conservatives on several issues, including campaign finance legislation, immigration policy and President Bush’s tax cuts.” But, unlike a previous Post article that documented McCain’s “flip-flops” on taxes and immigration, this one did not mention that McCain has changed his positions on those two issues to more closely align himself with the base of the Republican Party.