You have to think… like a mouse!

Ocean Front Storm Surge wallpaper 

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki declares without irony at a gathering of Shiite Muslims that Iraqis had achieved “national reconciliation”. Which would be great if true,

The first day of February at least 99 people died in coordinated bombings here and when Shiites walked to Karbala, at least 40 died in a bombing at a roadside tent that offered refreshments to the pious walking to Karbala.

Like most Americans I’ve gotten to the pint where listening to Bush just demands too much of my patience that could be spent more productively on those more deserving of it, so I read his SOTUs and interviews. Even in transcript he sounds like he’s just recovering from a severe head injury,

“Bush: And as people are now beginning to see, Iraq is changing, democracy is beginning to tak[e] hold. And I’m convinced 50 years from now people look back and say thank God there was those who were willing to sacrifice.

We’ll never know of course how things would have been fifty years from now if America didn’t have the worse president in history at the turn of the century or how Iraq might well have evolved into a more democratic state without Bush’s perpetrating a low level genocide from which millions of Iraqi have fled. It is as though you had a pest infestation and Bush shows up to get rid of them and ends up destroying your house. Then stands in the front yard pounding his chest yelling, but I got rid of the pest. We have to assume that the tiny percentage of people that still support Bush support the destroy the house to kill a rat theory of foreign policy. There is a difference between being tough and being crazy, too bad for the almost 4000 American soldiers that have lost their lives Bush conservatism is largely incapable of that not unsubtle distinction.

Caesar the obsessive exterminator from Mousehunt (1997) : You have to get inside their mind. You have to know what they want, need. You have to think… like a mouse!