And his shenanigans are cruel and tragic

The Conservative blog Power Liars Power Line is, according to standard operating procedure on the Right trying to kick up just enough dust to obscure the facts about what increasingly seems to be the political persecution of Alabama Democrat Don Siegelman, An Open Letter to Powerline (And Others): For the Love of Karl Rove?

On its face, the segment is a remarkably thin piece of work from which to lob serious accusations implicating the integrity of prominent officials including Rove. Rove himself has responded to the story by asking the question that occurred to me after watching the segment: “Seeing where I was working at the time, a reasonable person could ask why I would even take an interest in that case.” (Power Line, Posted by Scott at 6:01 AM, March 1, 2008 )

The day anyone let’s Karl Rove decide what constitutes a “reasonable person” needs to report to a hospital psych ward immediately.

Yes, a reasonable person did ask and has already answered that question. Rove’s denial is the standard non-denial denial.  Here is what we know about “where I was working at the time,” as Rove says:

“Karl Rove is known to have worked with Bill Canary on numerous political races in Alabama, beginning in 1994 and including William Pryor’s campaign in 1998. Canary and Pryor both enjoyed a close political and social relationship with Rove — who went on to become a senior adviser to the president, before Bush’s “brain” resigned earlier this year.

Two Republican lawyers who have asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation allege that Canary and Rove also worked together on the 2002 Alabama governor’s race. One of the lawyers is close to the Republican National Committee in Alabama.

[  ]…That is at least 3 people, all Republican by party affiliated (because I know that many people first need to have the political party identified, before facts will even be regarded), and from different states who don’t know one another. All of them placing Karl Rove – despite where “he was working at the time” inside political campaigns on the state level. Surely 3 is more than 1, if I recall my math correctly? Thus far, Karl Rove is all alone in his claims.

Larisa Aalexandrovna does some more dismantling of Power Line’s sordid ramblings at HuffPo. In a previous post at PL they go so far as to question whether Dana Jill Simpson  is an actual Republican (if she wasn’t a Republican why did she campaign for every Republican President since Reagan). Aalexandrovna make several important points besides catching PL in an obvious lie, but perhaps the most pertinent one is the glaring lack of Rove’s testimony under oath. A person of integrity, that was genuinely outraged that their name was dragged into such affairs would be chumping at the bit to testify and get the facts out, but not Rove. Simpson, sorry to say for the right-wing bloggers is not the sole witness to events. They have and will continue to cast her as a liar and “insane”. That’s all par for the course, we all know how the right-wing noise machine works at this point. Never the less at the end of the day many questions remain about whether Don Siegelman received a fair trial based on the facts and not Rove and Alabama GOP power players pulling strings.  – Aalexandrovna has regular coverage of the Alabama GOP shenanigans and Unka Karl at her blog at-Largely. Its not like Karl doesn’t have a history of doing things very similar to his little hit job on Siegelman.

I’ve defended Obama from from weird and unfounded wing-nutty attacks, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t make me nervous sometimes,  Barnstorming Obama plans to pick Republicans for cabinet

Chuck Hagel isn’t a completely repulsive Republican, but we see this time and again. Democrats bending over backwards to reach out and it is never ever reciprecated. There are plenty of Democrats well qualified to be Defense Secretary ( Joe Biden comes to mind) and S.O. State ( How about Bill Clinton, John Kerry – my list here could take up half a page). State needs a Democrat to repair the damage Condi the serial liar and manipulator has done if nothing else. If Obama should become president and he wants to throw Republicans a bone appoint one to Transportation.

So far Bush and his apologist’s position on amending FISA is that according to their very own words, its is better to not have those amendments and not have that extra measure of security that they claim is required because the Democrats in the House don’t want to let the telecoms have immunity from the criminal acts they have committed as requested by Bush. Telecom immunity is Bush immunity – the proof

The FISA law, which has been revised over 50 times since its inception in 1978, is prefectly capable to handle any intelligence gathering of overseas threats while at least building in some basic judicial review to ensure compliance and civil liberties protections under the Fourth Amendment.  What’s been assumed is that the phone companies were demanding amnesty for going along with Bush Administration requests to circumvent FISA before and after 9/11.  In the wake of this article, along with the news that Republicans are all grumbly that the telecoms aren’t showering them with cash for helping their cause, you can only conclude that the phone companies really don’t care whether they’re getting amnesty or not.  And they really shouldn’t.  The executive branch has proven pretty adept at shielding them from prosecution by invoking the state secrets privilege, and the courts have been extremely deferential in waiving cases due to lack of standing.

So far the telecoms have not only not sweated much about immunity, but have refused to cooperate with the FBI when the Feds didn’t pay their bills. Bush knows that his little secrets are going to come out here very shortly, but he doesn’t ever want anything on paper that says he and his administration are  guilty of wrong doing. The unhinged Right will write or rewrite his legacy much in the same way they have rewritten Saint Reagans, but judgments handed down from courts make it a lot harder, just ask Scooter the traitor Libby.

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