Tragedy, fanatics and ethical challenges

In Iraq Severed fingers of 5 hostages delivered to U.S. officials in Iraq and 8 U.S. troops, 14 Iraqis die in wave of insurgent bombings

But don’t spend too much time contemplating these events because as Republican bloggers remind us everyday there were more casualties then WW II and the skins of oranges aren’t smooth. To be a modern Conservative one must be capable of these kinds of mental convolutions  necessary to rationalize away all mendacity, all atrocity, and all facts.

McCain’s Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam 

Senator John McCain hailed as a spiritual adviser an Ohio megachurch pastor (Televangelist Rod Parsley) who has called upon Christians to wage a “war” against the “false religion” of Islam with the aim of destroying it.

McCain hasn’t denounced the anti-Catholic/anti-Semitic Rev. Hagee so someone that hates one billion plus Muslims will hardly make McCain wince. Parsley, one hopes, knows enough about the history of religion to realize that Muslims and Christians worship the same big guy in the sky. He probably does and has decided it doesn’t matter.

 House approves ethics measure 

The resolution would change House rules to create an independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). The OCE would be comprised of six board members, none of whom could be sitting lawmakers. It would be able to conduct investigations against members based on allegations from outside groups and individuals, and decide whether to forward them on to the full ethics committee for further review. From 1997 until now, only members could file complaints against other members.

Maybe its too early to tell whether this is as toothless as some people are saying. Yes the House Ethics Committee gets to decide if anything like punitive action should be taken against an accused member, but the evidence that goes to the Ethics Committee will be a huge potential embarrassment for anyone that has acted in a way to bring about an investigation in the first place. Since outside groups can start the process rolling there is even the potential for abuse. Again we’ll have to wait and see whether this new wrinkle in imposing ethics will cause partisan groups to start wildly pointing fingers to score political points at the OCE’s expense.

Found this the other day- priceless,