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Since McCain keeps repeating the same lie about Iran and al-Qaeda ( and here McCainiacs are Running Scared on Iraq ) one can only assume that it is not a gaffe. McCain is doing his best imitation of Dick Cheney. For eight years the neocons have repeatedly made speeches where Iraq and AQ or Iraq and 9-11 are always used in the same speech even if they never explicitly tied one to the other they tied every foreign policy decision about their actions in the Middle-East to 9-11 and AQ. It turned out there was no partnership between AQ and Iraq and no connection between Iraq and 9-11. The more clever neocon pundits have started veiling the incessant doublespeak as “contextual”. If if there is no direct connection, the thinking goes, its all part of the big “war on terror”. Only the Right, with their secret decoder rings and near supernatural insight can see the big picture. The problem with sweeping anyone and everyone that walks into the the neocon’s cross hairs into the enemy, who you are either for or against is that it gets an awful lot of innocent people killed and creates more terrorists. The neocon approach is the opposite of of effective, they’re creating a terror horn of plenty and the never ending war that goes with it. Republican brain trust Karl Rove once said something ridiculous about Democrats wanting to give terrorist’s therapy, but the evidence suggests that the neocons are quite happy at the prospect of aiding the growth of terrorism, real or imagined for the sake of partisan politics.