Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself

We need new pundits and talking heads, 5 Years Later: Pundits Who Were Wrong on Iraq Are Silent

You can probably name your favorite candidate. Let’s take David Brooks of The New York Times, for example, and what he wrote exactly five years ago. He hasn’t bothered to revisit his errors in judgement lately. At least Richard Cohen, another favorite whipping boy of antiwar critics, has accepted responsibility for some of his lapses.

Brooks is among those who have long argued that they actually got the war right, but Donald Rumsfeld made it wrong. In other words, war good, Rummy bad. He has emphasized that he and many of his fellow pundits had it right at the time in urging more boots on the ground. They were “prescient,” he relates. But Rumsfeld and his crowd “got things wrong, and the pundits often got things right.”

He never cites any of his own views at the time, obviously hoping that readers will place him among those pundits that “got things right.” And also: please forget that he was a strong supporter of the invasion to start with.

In fact, he bears special blame — or shame, if you will — not only for his writing, but for serving as senior editor of the most influential (inside the White House) pro-war publication, The Weekly Standard, headed by Bill Kristol, who has been even more consistently wrong on the war, yet rewarded with a prestigious New York Times slot.

Come to think of it, Brooks got the same reward — two for the price of two!

It doesn’t seem to matter how wrong the Right is they’re rewarded. When they preach the gospel of meritocracy like so much else claims to wisdom about foreign policy only resonates with those people that have drunk deeply of the Conservative kool-aid. There seems to be a predictable cycle of wrongness followed by changing definitions of what they meant and yea buts. Childishness is Ok in adults that are playing on the floor with children though not only unbecoming, but dangerous in adults that own such large soapboxes in the media.

John McBush McCain is over seventy years old. He has been on this earth long enough to put on a good pretense of maturity. he thought and said that King George was incompetent before he said the King’s new clothes were dandy,

  I’m offering them the record of having objected strenuously to a failed strategy for nearly four years. That I argued against and fought against and said that the secretary of defense of my own party, and my own president, I had no confidence in. That’s how far I went in advocating the new strategy that is succeeding.

McCain’s statement stretches the truth. As late as August 2006, McCain declared that he did have “confidence” in Bush’s leadership in Iraq:

    Q: Do you, do you have confidence in the president and his national security team to lead the war at this stage?
McCAIN: I do. I do. I have confidence in the President and I believe that he is well aware of the severity of the situation. [Meet The Press, 8/20/06]

The answer to any question put to McCain, and the pattern is pretty consistent, is what will get the base fired up and get him elected.

While not a big fan of riddles, what is going great when the violence is down and going great when the violence is up. The “surge” as seen through the eyes of the Rightie moral relativists. When the metrics you’re using to measure something keep giving you the same reading regardless of events then there is something wrong with your metrics or your cognitive abilities.

They really should change The Weekly Standard to The Weekly Tripe, editor Michael Goldfarb can always be relied upon to do just as much research ( usually none) that supports his tiresome never ending role as concern rtoll for whatever Democrat is doing well in the polls. The Company Obama Keeps, Posted by Michael Goldfarb on March 26, 2008 08:03 PM  

Marc Ambinder wrote today of Obama’s troubles with McPeak and Rev. Wright:

    The problem with guilt by association arguments is that they tend to render insignificant the degree or quality of the association that allegedly tarnishes one participant.

Fair enough. But there comes a point when one looks at the people Obama has surrounded himself with and begins to wonder. On Israel, Obama has no real track record, so voters can judge him only by his words and the words of those who advise him.

Michael being one of those deeply serious people might want to read The Jerusalem Post occasionally, Obama is a strong friend of Israel

If you’re Jewish and spend any time on the Internet, you’ve read some outlandish things about the Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. But the facts are clear: Senator Obama is a strong friend of the American Jewish Community and Israel, and will make ensuring Israel’s security a high priority of his presidency.

Barack Obama’s record speaks for itself. He has longstanding support among the Jewish community in Illinois, who know first hand his unshakable commitment to Israel’s security. In the US Senate, he has established himself as a strong friend of Israel. As a candidate, he has made clear his commitment to deepen the US-Israel relationship and to defend Israel’s security as a Jewish state.

Yet Senator Obama is still the target of poorly sourced smears and innuendo, often anonymously circulated in mass e-mails. Sadly, these baseless attacks have been transformed into official Republican talking points. In his February 21, 2008 op-ed (“Obama and the Jews”) Marc Zell, the Co-Chairman of Republicans Abroad in Israel, compiled a greatest hits of fiction and distortion about Barack Obama culled from one false email after another. To begin with, Zell abandons the tradition of bipartisan support for Israel, and completely ignores Senator Obama’s strong record of support for Israel:

Iran divestment: Senator Obama introduced priority legislation strongly supported by the pro-Israel community to make it easier for states to divest their pension funds from Iran, as a means of increasing economic pressure to dissuade Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons. The divestment idea grew out of a meeting between Senator Obama and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last year.

Hamas: Senator Obama has been steadfast in taking a hard line against Hamas until it recognizes Israel, renounces violence, and abides by past agreements. He has been clear that the Palestinians’ suffering is a result of their own failed leadership. He was a cosponsor of the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act.

Travel to Israel: Barack Obama traveled to Israel in 2006 and visited the home of an Israeli family that had been destroyed by a Katyusha rocket. Months later, when Hizbullah attacked Israel, he spoke out strongly for Israel’s right to defend itself.

Israel’s defense: Senator Obama has called for deepening US-Israel defense cooperation, especially in the area of missile defense, to ensure that Israel has the qualitative military edge it needs to defend itself.

Ignoring Senator Obama’s record, Zell travels a low road filled with lies and distortions. In a sense, he has done us a service by demonstrating the total disregard for facts that Republicans will use to try to win this election. But these falsehoods cannot stand, so I will rebut each of them in turn. (emphasis mine)

The truth has never stopped the Right from manufacturing a good smear, on the contrary the more their smeras are proven untrue the louder and shriller they get.

Some equal time,  Book Review – Creating a World Without Poverty (Why HRC Should be President)

When she was first lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton did not just organize tea parties (contrary to what passes now for “common knowledge”). She had heard of a Bangladeshi economist who had introduced a great idea to help people out of poverty in Bangladesh and she thought his ideas might help the poor in Arkansas. The economist was Muhammad Yunus and the idea was microcredit. She was instrumental in introducing Yunus to Bill Clinton and they developed a program of microcredit in Arkansas. Yunus mentions her in every one of his books (with photos).

This is why I want Hillary to be president. Because I want a president with intellectual curiosity, looking around the world for the next good idea to solve problems.

Wonkish and about economics which just about guarantees no click throughs. Even though longer then most blog posts it only took me a minute to read and took care of my learning something new everyday quota.

“Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself.” ~ John MacNaughton