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h/t to The Sideshow on how the right-wing bloggers made Pulitzer prize winning AP photographer Bilal Hussein a scapegoat for their unhinged hatred. Some examples include Bilal Hussein and the Continuing Saga of Insurgent Propaganda via the Media [Jawa Report], Bilal Hussein: Terrorist operative posing as AP Photographer [Infidels are Cool] and Bilal Hussein-Terrorist on the Payroll of the AP [Federal Way Conservative]. Bilal ended up getting amnesty which according to the same circle of Rightie pontification was the same thing as getting away with being whatever they had accused him of sans anything that resembled evidence. In violation of one of the cardinal rules of logic and rhetoric they sighted secret evidence, that as is usually the case they and only they had access to – Pentagon “possesses convincing and irrefutable evidence that Bilal Hussein is a threat to security and stability as a link to insurgent activity.” Just like John McCain and one suspects most of the Republican bloggers doesn’t know the difference between Shiia Muslims and the radical sect of Sunnis that attacked us on 9-11they’ve decided that their definition of amnesty means letting the guilty, those they found guilty by a kangaroo court of bloggers. Only the Iraqi government, the government that these same bloggers claim is a miraculous achievement of the Bush administration put things a little differently, Bilal Hussein Exonerated

AP Photographer Bilal Hussein has been in American detention since April 2006. As the second anniversary of his captivity approaches, Bilal has achieved a major breakthrough. Yesterday in Baghdad, an Iraqi Judicial Commission reviewing his case took ten days to reach a conclusion: No basis existed for the terrorism-related charges which had been brought against him. The conclusion was a sweeping repudiation of accusations U.S. military figures have brought against him, backed by no evidence, but by a handful of strangely motivated American wingnut bloggers.

Other than the terrorism charges, the military had questioned the photographer’s presence on the scene following the abduction and killing of an Italian, Salvatore Santoro. I worked as Bilal Hussein’s counsel in 2006, and during this time I conducted a comprehensive review of the very vague allegations surrounding Santoro’s death, reviewing the documentary evidence with experts and interviewing the available witnesses. The AP photographer had been stopped with others at a check point and asked to take “trophy photos” of Santoro, who had been killed earlier in the day. A study of the photos and examination of other witnesses bore out the account, and military investigators also acknowledged off the record that there was no real basis for charges. But they continued to raise them nonetheless — apparently because they were under relentless pressure to come up with some charges. (emphasis added)

Some of the Rightie bloggers that participated in the lynch mob included,

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Captain’s Quarters blogger Ed Morrissey

A classic review of the lack of credibility and honor which plaques the Conservative blogasphere, The “credibility” of the right-wing blogosphere

210 journalists have been killed in Iraq since 2003.