The satirist shoots to kill while the humorist brings his prey back alive and eventually releases him again for another chance

Senate Panel Moves to Shift Costs of War to Iraq

With energy prices soaring and the federal deficit approaching $400 billion, senators from both parties moved yesterday to force Iraq to shoulder more financial responsibility for its reconstruction and self-defense.

On a unanimous vote taken late Wednesday night and announced yesterday, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved legislation that would prohibit the Defense Department from funding any reconstruction or infrastructure program that costs more than $2 million.

You can tell its an election cycle, Republican shills suddenly dust off that old canard that they’re fiscal Conservatives. Maybe if they had really fought a battle against terrorists rather then experimenting with nation building there wouldn’t be this sudden and convenient urgency to pinch pennies. The Iraqis don’t seem to think they should be picking up the tab quite yet, Iraq: U.S. has no claim to oil boom, America has hardly even begun to repay its debt to Iraq,’ Baghdad official says

As Congress gears up to debate the Bush administration’s latest request for an additional $108 billion in war funding for Iraq and Afghanistan, Iraqis are fuming at suggestions being floated by lawmakers that Baghdad should start paying a share of the war’s costs by providing cheap fuel to the U.S. military.

“America has hardly even begun to repay its debt to Iraq,” said Abdul Basit, the head of Iraq’s Supreme Board of Audit, an independent body that oversees Iraqi government spending. “This is an immoral request because we didn’t ask them to come to Iraq, and before they came in 2003 we didn’t have all these needs.”

Whether one agrees with Basit or not this will be yet another source of resentment from the Iraqi people.

Maybe Iraq’s Supreme Board of Audit didn’t hear Senator McCain McBush’s speech, McCain’s Noble Cause

Senator McCain, speaking at a campaign stop, said, “I will have an energy policy …which will eliminate our dependency on oil from the Middle East that will then prevent us… from having ever to send our young men and women into conflict again in the Middle East.” The Senator subsequently attempted to cover up his Freudian slip (or “senior moment”) by claiming that he was referring to the 1991 Persian Gulf War, not the current conflict. Sorry, Senator, but that cat’s just not going back.

Maybe I should stop calling him McBush since Bush keeps calling Iraq the route to the final defeat of all terrorism forever and ever amen. McCain thinks its about getting a cheap tank of gas and that tank full is apparently worth getting our sons and daughters killed for. This is the same John that thinks Senator Obama is insensitive, McCAIN AND HIS $40 MILLION FORTUNE SAY OBAMA IS “INSENSITIVE” TO THE POOR

Some other deeply held beliefs of the Right, at least they clam is that they’re Constitutional literalists ( according to them there are NO implied rights in the Constitution) and that American business has too many lawsuits to deal with. Amazingly enough the Bushies have managed in one fell swope to yet again give the country another way to define hypocrisy, Patently Unconstitutional?

A George Washington University Law School professor noted that two-thirds of patent appeals judges may have been unconstitutionally appointed, calling into question hundreds of decisions rendered over the past eight years. Professor John F. Duffy wrote that the Director of Patent and Trademark Office appointed the judges, which likely violates the appointments clause of the Constitution.

The satirist shoots to kill while the humorist brings his prey back alive and eventually releases him again for another chance. ~ Peter De Vries