Do you actually believe the crap that comes out of your mouth

Just recently John McCain decried so-called activist judges and contradicting earlier statements mentioned SCOTUS Judge Alito as an example. If not the most far Right judge on the bench, probably one of the strangest Justice Antonin Scalia disagress with McCain and the Right in general that judicial activism is a problem, Persuasion Justice Antonin Scalia is persuadable. Or he finally thinks you are

Scalia’s timing couldn’t be better. Last Tuesday, presidential hopeful John McCain served up a stemwinder about judicial philosophy that mostly amounted to a tired old rant about the imagined dangers of mythical “activist judges.” The war on judges is hopelessly 2006—even Scalia has dismissed activist judge as a “conclusory” label we apply when we dislike of the result in a given case. Still, McCain spent a morning demonizing the entire judicial branch, mostly because judges work in private and never fight back.

For those that haven’t heard Official Chosen by McCain to Run Convention Resigns

Mr. Goodyear is the chief executive and a founding partner of the DCI Group, which has offices in Washington and Phoenix. He offered his resignation after Newsweek reported that his firm had been paid $348,000 in 2002 to represent the junta.

Bush has stated frequently as does his echo chamber about how they’re spread’n that there democracy like cheap manure. Only we know that  Bush and that side of the ideological aisle don’t mind doing business with China or exporting prisoners to repressive regimes to get a little torture done in the shadows. So it is little wonder that McCain like Bush and most Republicans is a moral relativist par excellence. When Republicans support murderous thugs its just part of the the Republican brand of patriotism. When they support corruption its just being pro business. One needs a special decoder book to wade through all the double talk and bull. Look for blips on McBush’s radar regularly since the Republican party is so deeply corrupt its going to be near impossible to find Republicans for McCain’s camp work that isn’t tainted in one way or the other. More in this regard here, If the price is right, you’ve got  a friend in John McCain

When liberal bloggers first stated hearing about the massive and probably illegal domestic spying by the Bushies one of the first logical questions echoed across blogtopia was where are all the home grown terrorists prosecutions. If Bush is spying on hundreds of thousands of Americans suspects why haven’t they been prosecuted and put in jail, Domestic spying far outpaces terrorism prosecutions

A recent study showed that the number of terrorism and national security cases initiated by the Justice Department in 2007 was more than 50% below 2002 levels. The nonprofit Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, which obtained the data under the Freedom of Information Act, found that the number of cases brought declined 19% in the last year alone, dropping to 505 in 2007 from 624 in 2006.

By contrast, the Justice Department reported last month that the nation’s spy court had granted 2,370 warrant requests by the department to search or eavesdrop on suspected terrorists and spies in the U.S. last year — 9% more than in 2006. The number of such warrants approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has more than doubled since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The department also reported a sharp rise in the use of national security letters by the FBI — from 9,254 in 2005 to 12,583 in 2006, the latest data available. The letters seek customer information from banks, Internet providers and phone companies. They have caused a stir because consumers do not have a right to know that their information is being disclosed and the letters are issued without court oversight.

A Bush administration spokesperson on que claimed that a higher rate of surveillance doesn’t always tranlate into prosecutions. Which is pretty much the point. Rather then concentrate efforts on actual suspicious activity they’re using the scatter gun approach. Agents from multiple agencies are sent running around the country trying to find that supposed needle in a haystack in the meantime the entire haystack is a suspect. Whether the far Right or the far Left that has been the attitude of every despot of the 20th century, a tradition that the administration and their Chicken-Little mind set have certainly embraced.

Hank: Do you actually believe the crap that comes out of your mouth?
Earl: I’m not really sure until I’m finished talkin’.

from the movie National Security (2003)