San Francisco Night Skyline wallpaper

San Francisco Night Skyline wallpaper

Canadian Fishing Village. A photo more then a wallpaper. When I was a kid I lived in a few south eastern coastal towns so photos of the coast and fishing boats bring back some nice memories.

General Petraeus has been called brilliant by so many people including former Democratic presidential candidate General Wes Clark that it would probably take me hours to run down all the quotes. If Wes Clark says the guys brilliant when it comes to counter insurgency tactics I tend to think there’s something to that declaration. Petraeus was in charge of the “surge”. He literally wrote the book on countering and subduing local insurgencies in which he claimed that the U.S. would need 25 soldiers for every 1000 Iraqis. The “surge” wasn’t anywhere near that. As Larry Beinhart points out we were about 380,000 short. The Bush Cult declared the surge a success and as recently as March 30,2008 a long time Bush dead ender declared the surge had even succeeded in Moqtada al-Sadr’s stronghold Basra. That was kind of strange since on April 20, 2008 amid some final concessions and ranting from Sadr, mostly American forces took over Basra. Some how out of all the dust that’s been kicked up it is supposed to look like something has been won. Only if winning in a no win situation is defined as not letting things get too much worse.

“We have gone from drowning to treading water,” said Biden, D-Delaware, who mounted an unsuccessful presidential campaign this year. “We are still spending $3 billion every week, and we are still losing … 30 to 40 American lives every month. We can’t keep treading water without exhausting ourselves, and that is what the president seems to be asking us to do.”

And the committee’s ranking Republican, Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, questioned how the military gains could be converted to a settlement that would allow U.S. withdrawals he said would be forced by strains on the U.S. armed services.

“Simply appealing for more time to make progress is insufficient,” Lugar said.

So why all the verbal confetti from the war dead enders; beacuse rather then a steep decline Iraq has reached a kind of equilibrium. Not getting better, but not falling behind. The “surge” has worked, though in a back handed kind of way that Bush knew it would because, well the brilliant General Petraeus wrote the book on what success required and knew what could be accomplished and what could not. The General knew he could not shape Iraq into a shining beacon of democracy in the Middle-Eeast. What he could do was give many Americans the illusion of progress…another few yards toward the goal line. But that is exactly what Bush and the General had planned; that it not look like Bush failed while the occupation of Iraq continued into the term of the next president,

The intent was to create a political situation in which we would stay, month by incremental month, until Bush was gone. Then someone else would have to withdraw.

Bush will then commit the propaganda mill he’s creating in the guise of a presidential library into pounding out the myth that had we stayed his course, we would have won, and his successor was responsible for the defeat. Plenty of others will join in. A fair number of people will believe it. As they currently believe the media and the hippies lost Vietnam. Which they did not. Bad policy, bad strategy, bad tactics, and a ferocious commitment of an enemy fighting on their home territory caused the US to lose that war.

You don’t need special powers to see into this future it is already being echoed by the Republican party in all the usual echo chambers. In the last year of this occupation all the deaths and spent tax dollars haven’t been about saving Iraq. We know from the history of Bush’s negligence toward Darfur and the Congo that human rights and saving lives is very low on his list of priorities. No the goal is to save Bush and the Republican party’s legacy – they can’t have history see them as the arrogant screw-ups they are. Its obviously going to be a story book legacy spun much like they spun the news that was spoon feed the American public through military analysts. What else could we expect from the movement that invented Saint Ronnie. It is not that they get the facts wrong, which they do, it is more that modern Conservatism the party of doublespeak doesn’t like facts. If McCain wins the next election, a long shot, but his victory would be the final nail in the coffin of the Reagan revolution. McBush will be the one that either redeploys the troops or stays for a hundred years. So if McBush wins moderate Americans can take some consulation in that as they try and cope with four more years of Bushnomics.

Very sad that yet another one of our esteemed leaders has come under the spell of Hamas, Lieberman: Obama’s Alleged Endorsement By Hamas Shows “Difference” With McCain

When Wolf Blitzer pointed out that Obama also labels Hamas a terrorist organization, making his position the same as McCain’s, Lieberman said, “that’s true,” adding that Obama “clearly doesn’t support any of the values and goals of Hamas.”

Then, with depressing predictability, came the inevitable caveat:

But the fact that the spokesperson for Hamas would say they would welcome the election of Senator Obama really does raise the question, “Why?”

And it suggests the difference between these two candidates.

So Lieberman thinks that statements and endorsements made by any and all wacky foreign entities should be utmost on every voter’s mind before they leave a hanging chad. So did Joementum vote for Kerry in 2004, Osama Endorses Bush!

The declaration turned its attention to President Bush, saying: “A word for the foolish Bush. We are very keen that you do not lose in the forthcoming elections as we know very well that any big attack can bring down your government and this is what we do not want.

“We cannot get anyone who is more foolish than you, who deals with matters with force instead of wisdom and diplomacy.

“Your stupidity and religious extremism is what we want as our people will not awaken from their deep sleep except when there is an enemy.

“Kerry will kill our nation while it sleeps because he and the Democrats have the cunning to embellish blasphemy and present it to the Arab and Muslim nation as civilisation.

“Because of this we desire you [Bush] to be elected.”

By Lieberman and McCain’s logic a vote for Bush in 2004 was a vote for Osama Bin laden and Al Qaeda. Since Bin Laden is still running around free maybe they’re on to something.