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Vets for Peace Booted from National Memorial Day Parade

There is one group of veterans that isn’t allowed to march in the national memorial parade in Washington on Monday.

That’s the Veterans for Peace, Delwin Anderson Memorial chapter, based in D.C. It’s named after a World War II vet who fought in Italy and then worked for the VA for many years designing programs for injured veterans.

The group had applied to join the National Memorial Day parade.

And initially, anyway, it was accepted.

But then, late last month, the group was told that it didn’t meet the criteria to participate.

The spokesperson for the American Veterans Center used as part of the justification for the exclusion of VFP that some pro Iraq war group was excluded last year, but the American Legion has a strong ideological bent. Since that is the case wouldn’t a little balance like including VFP be the more appropriate course. Most Americans would also find it curious that the AVC would include the country of Kuwait and not a home grown group of vets. The AVC can claim this is not a political decision just as some people can claim they’ve been kidnapped by aliens.

Some Republicans as expected are over trumpeting McCain’s chances in the general election. While it isn’t wise for any of the candidates to be over confidant McCain’s bandwagon might want to ponder for a moment what happens when the mainstream media stops and takes a closer look at McCain’s friends,: McCain’s Top Advisor Organized Coronation of Cult Leader

More here, The Moonies and McCain’s Main Man

So we can only assume that they’ll likely ignore the revelations in Gorenfeld’s book that none other than uber-lobbyist Charlie Black — not just McCain’s “chief political adviser” but a right-hand man for the Bush clan as well — played a role in making that coronation happen.

According to Gorenfeld, Black admitted to helping invite people to attend the coronation. And he’s listed as a sponsor in the coronation’s printed program.

And the newest thorn in the side of McCain and the Republican party, Will Libertarians draw conservatives from McCain?

“I traditionally voted Republican. But we wanted a conservative and we didn’t get that. McCain is not a conservative,” Kluck said. “With Barr as the Libertarian candidate, people will be willing to cross party lines.”

If Barr siphons off even one percent of the Conservative vote in key states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York he’s left over turkey.

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