McCain’s bizarre lobbyists and Russian connections

Aide Helped Controversial Russian Meet McCain – Davis, Then a Lobbyist, Has Spurred Debate in Reform-Focused Campaign

Rick Davis, who is now McCain’s campaign manager, helped set up the encounter between McCain and Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska in Switzerland during an international economic conference. At the time, Davis was working for a lobbying firm and seeking to do business with the billionaire.

[  ]…When Deripaska met McCain, Davis was part of Davis Manafort, a lobbying firm that was being paid to provide political advice to pro-Russian and oligarch-funded candidates in Ukraine, according to interviews and news accounts. At the same time, McCain was publicly supporting those candidates’ Western-oriented democratic rivals.

The socializing with Deripaska provides a case study in the challenges faced by McCain, a longtime foe of Washington lobbyists who has a well-known lobbyist as his top political aide. Davis, who has been a political adviser to McCain on and off since 1999, was part of a lobbying firm that worked not only for Ukrainian politicians but also for telecommunications firms, a lottery services provider and freight companies.

So far there is no concrete proof that McCain himself did any favors for Deripaska, but Davis did is stll on McCain’s payroll and did work for people that McCain had said publicly he was against.

Davis’s firm provided political advice to a pro-Russian party in Ukraine during the parliamentary elections of 2006. McCain, on the other hand, backed President Viktor Yushchenko, a Western-oriented reformer who led 2004’s Orange Revolution, which overturned what he and his allies considered an election stolen by the party helped by Davis’s firm. McCain visited Ukraine to boost Yushchenko after he won a new election and even nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Then there is the obvious problem of McCain selling himself as the heir apparent of the ever nebulous Bush Doctrine the cornerstone of which is spreading democracy and fighting oppression. Davis is another of the faceless members of the Conservative Cronyism and Corruption Corps that we’ve all become too familiar with under the Bush dynasty and he is McCain’s buddy. If a McCain administration gets up to the same shenanigans that the Bushies have it will be people like Davis who leave fingerprints and gives McCain some kind of plausible deniability. War and Piece also reports on the connections between Davis and McCain adviser Paul Manafort (whose done some unregistered lobbying).

This is all in graphics format or I would have put up a snip, How John McCain’s hypocrisy is rendered as reform

I lost the link, but I was reading another right-wing Republican blog who even for a right-winger was frothing at the mouth more then usual about how all Democrats love terrorists and hate America. This is a Republican blogger mind you, that in addition went off on how Democrats are nihilists complete with Webster definition. Calling liberals nihilists is always a good reminder of the terrible degree to which most Republicans suffer from cognitive dissonance, the party to which the End Timers and preachers of eminent Armageddon have attached themselves. In other words the party of the Christian Republican and NRA member that bombed Oklahoma City and white supremacists Demetrius “Van” Crocker who was planning to blow up Congress.