McCain and Republicans need to “Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study”

John McCain has admitted that he doesn’t know much about economics. When I first heard him say that I allowed for the possibility of false modesty. It turns out he really doesn’t know anything about economics judging by his chief adviser, McCain’s scary economic advisor

Even as John McCain struggles to preserve his image as a reformer by dismissing a few of the Washington lobbyists who dominated his presidential campaign, the futility of that effort suddenly became painfully obvious. Dire bulletins in the financial media warned of many billions in rotting mortgage paper held by UBS, the financial conglomerate that just happens to employ former Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, McCain’s campaign chairman and chief economic advisor.

[ ]…Undoubtedly Gramm is promoting the agenda of those who subsidize him, as he has done ever since he entered politics as a servant of oil interests in his home state. He took hundreds of thousands of dollars from energy and financial interests as a congressman and then as a senator, rising to the chairmanship of the Senate Banking Committee, where he could really perform major favors. He is famed for slipping in an amendment desired by Enron Corp. back when his wife was on that doomed company’s board. His employment by UBS, a company that recently warned some of its executives to avoid entering the United States for fear of criminal prosecution, demands fresh scrutiny of him as well as McCain.

Gramm along with draft dodger Rush Limbaugh predicted that President Clinton’s budget would ruin the nation. Those predictions were followed by a decade of relative prosperity. The nineties were not perfect, but Clinton came in with a massive deficit left by Reagan and Bush One, and left Bush Two with a surplus that was soon squandered. I guess that McCain embrace of Grammonomics is the desire to continue Bush’s borrow and spend ways in addition to more wise deregulation that screws over investors and consumers. More on McCain and Gramm here,  John McCain, Phil Gramm, and UBS

Remember that SOS Rice holds the office first held by Thomas Jefferson, Clueless Condi Rides Again

Not knowing the difference between an economic sanction and an exception to economic sanctions wasn’t the only bizarre aspect of her statement. What on earth could the oil-for-food program possibly have to do with weapons of mass destruction and the Bush administration’s case for war?

The whole traditional American concept of negotiation through strength. A combination of the stick and carrot approach to foreign policy has come under fire lately by the all death all the time crowd because Barack Obama would like us to return to those traditional American ideals of diplomacy. Leave it to the Right’s provocateurs of historical revisionism to use Kennedy-Khrushchev summit as why talk doesn’t work. Point Being?

It’s nice, I suppose, to see wingnuts expressing so much retrospective anxiety about the Cold War and, in particular, about the American war in Vietnam. But Kennedy had wood for Southeast Asia long before the Vienna conference, and it takes a dramatic oversimplification to treat the Vienna summit as a truly decisive moment in the evolution of Kennedy’s Vietnam policy. Robert Dallek — who usually gets cited when people make the whole Vienna-caused-the-war argument — should really consider writing an op-ed that puts this particular misuse of An Unfinished Life to rest. Among a lot of other things, this thesis requires that everyone forget that Kennedy’s Vietnam policy was shaped by (a) his own advocacy (especially his involvement with Friends of Vietnam) during the 1950s; (b) his personal preference for covert operations and counter-insurgency (rather than the kinds of commitments that Johnson and Nixon would later make)

I remember hearing some tapes of Kennedy talk about the Khrushchev meeting. He pretty much admitted that he went in over confidant. That would count as a lesson learned for next time and next presidents not evidence that tough negotiating never works; that is all that Obama has proposed if you leave off the twisted interpretation of the Bushites.

The unintended joke of the day, McClellan: A Bush turncoat, or truth-seeker?

If a presidential spokesman finds the White House policy so distasteful, he should quit, not package it up in bundles of notes and then write a tell-all book, said Sheila Tate, who was press secretary to Nancy Reagan and to George H.W. Bush during his presidential campaign.

She recalled that Jerald F. terHorst resigned as President Ford’s secretary in protest over Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon. “I think it’s unethical to carry out a job and then turn around and kiss and tell,” she said.

Tate thinks that when the president deceives the country into war you should be a good sport and keep your mouth shut.

McClellan: Plame leak the ‘turning point’ in his disillusionment

Vanity Fair points out one other striking passage from McClellan’s book, in which he states, “It’s … clear to me that Scooter Libby was guilty of the perjury and obstruction crimes for which he was convicted. When the president commuted Libby’s prison sentence and thereby protected him from serving even one day behind bars, I was disappointed. This kind of special treatment undermines our system of justice.”

In contrast, Senator John McCain said of Libby last summer, before the commutation, “I think that you can make a case that he was singled out unfairly. I think that the appeals process goes forward. I happen to be one who admires Scooter Libby. I think he was a dedicated servant.”

McBush thinks he would be a much better commander-in-chief then Clinton or Obama, but admires a traitor. Yep McCain’s a maverick.

Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study.  Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life.  ~Henry L. Doherty