Republicans the Comic Hypocrties of Appeasement

Republican doubletalk

John McCain, you may have heard of him. He’s supposedly the guy who wants to have civil honest debate about the issues and doesn’t believe in diplomacy. Then there is McCain’s hero George W. Bush, who is also according to the 27% of the population that still supports him all about candor and never negotiating, McCain Vows to Work With Russia on Arms, Ignoring for the moment that McCain is stealing Clinton and Obama’s position on non-proliferation. Isn’t this the same guy that said to negotiate is the same thing as appeasement. Also the same guy that has a lobbyist on staff that has worked on behalf of a Russian suspected of having ties to the Russian anti-democracy movement and organized crime. Modern conservatism requires that diplomacy is never an option, at least as far as public debate goes. Johnny, George and the gang just don’t seem to have honest foreign policy positions. For those keeping count, Bush Straddles His Hard Line in Engaging Sudan

Sometime in the next few weeks, a special envoy of President Bush plans to meet with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, whose government sheltered Osama bin Laden and pursued a scorched-earth policy in southern Sudan that resulted in more than 2 million deaths.

As of this writing I haven’t heard McCain condemn Bush, nor the usual chorus of wing-bots call Bush an appeaser, a terrorist sympathizer. Its pretty obvious that all one needs in this era of honest open debate in  the way of serious foreign policy credentials is a magic cape with a big R emblazoned on the back. You are then free to talk out of both sides of your mouth faster then a moving train about when, who and how to conduct foreign diplomacy. Imagine if either democratic senator has suggested putting U.S. missiles in a country that no longer exists. Bush has talks with Iran ( which every right-winger worthy of the name has said is America’s enemy), but Senator Obama isn’t allowed to even publicly entertain the possibility of the very same level of talks. Its the cape, you have to have the super cloak of R or better known as The Only Nixon can go to China Syndrome. Tuesday, May 20, 2008, National Review Online,

If Vice President Cheney shocked the world and said he was going to negotiate with Ahmadinejad, there would probably be a few people grumbling on the right… but there wouldn’t be too much worry that Cheney would be taking a soft accomodationist stance.

First, for the whateverist time Ahmadinejad does not run Iran. Dick Cheney conspired with George Bush to lie the country into a war that has killed over 4000 Americans and is costing almost two billion dollars a week. Cheney also conspired with Bush to out a CIA agent for political revenge and did business with Saddam. Yet Barack Obama is the one that can’t be trusted. For NRO to so blatantly and proudly display its embrace of moral relativity says a lot about how blinding arrogance can be. This political season is shaping up like every other on the Republican side. They will simply continue to shout and stomp their feet that they’re the only ones that can be trusted on national security when the record could not be more clear that America and the world is less safe with Conservative in charge.

Its possible that Republicans just don’t know the difference between tough and being craven, Memo to Scott McClellan: Here’s what happened

White House officials, led by Dick Cheney, began making the case for war in August 2002, in speeches and reports that not only were wrong, but also went well beyond what the available intelligence said at that time, and contained outright fantasies and falsehoods. Indeed, some of that material was never vetted with the intelligence agencies before it was peddled to the public.