Republican Blogs Try To Smear Obama As Antisemitic

Some nutjob goes over to the Barack Obama ‘s community web site where pretty much anyone can put up a page and posts some nonsense called “How the Jewish Lobby Works”. This trash in turn comes from a site called Real Jew News – There is some background at Comments from Left Field, BREAKING: “Jewish Lobby” Story Overinflated

You see, had LGF done the homework, like our mattt did, they would have noticed that the offending post in question was actually copied and pasted from a far right anti-Semite site called Real Jew News. And when you compare the comments in the cached version of the MyBO page (google cache is the only way to see it now), you find something curious–all those anti-Semitic Obamabots posted their comments two months before the MyBO post was even published.

None of the Republican bloggers such as Little Green Footballs, Powerline Blog, The Next Right (which deleted a comment about how Real Jew News has attacked various people), Israel Matzav and protein wisdom bothered to even read the posts by Brother Nathanael Kapner.

Kapner accusing Obama of pandering to Jews.

In the above post dated January 2008 Kapner writes,


* “My commitment to the Jewish community should not be questioned.”(credited to Obama)

Meaning: “I will bow before your wishes O Jews. If elected I will send billions of dollars to Israel to kill Palestinians.”

In a post dated June 2008 Kapner writes about Obama,

Obama’s Turn To Woo The Jews

BARACK OBAMA IS NOT going to miss the chance to get big Jewish bucks for his campaign. That’s why at his June 4 2008 speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington DC, Obama over-exerted himself to outdo McCain in wooing the Jews.

Here Is An Excerpt Of Obama’s Speech:

— “Today I am among friends who share my commitment to make sure that the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable today, tomorrow and forever.

I saw some of the images of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem and they never leave you. Each of us bears witness to anyone who would deny these unspeakable crimes. We must mean what we say when we speak the words “never again.”

Kapner besides being an anti-semite also hates Barack Obama so what better way to smear him then go to Obama’s web community and post trash to try and make Obama look both anti-semitic and a socialist. The Republican blogs had they done a little homework( it does seem they are not making an effort to get at the truth because it serves their purposes) would have found that Kapner doesn’t care much for McCain either, with a post entitled “McCain Bought By Jews Via Rothschilds!”. Kapner loves Mike Huckabee,

“JEWS DESPISE CHRISTIANS. Now that the Christian candidate, Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas, has won the Republican Iowa caucuses, the Jews have fired up their propaganda machine against him.”

While its known that the late Billie Graham apologized for these remarks Real Jew News approved,

“THE JEWISH STRANGLEHOOD ON THE MEDIA HAS GOT TO STOP!” said Billy Graham in a 1972 conversation with President Nixon.

full sized pic

And of course Kapner wouldn’t like Hillary either, “Will Hilary Clinton Be The Next Jewish President”. Its not difficult to see a trend with these snippets or at Kapner’s site. Christians that lean hard Right he approves of, others he attacks. That would place his ideology on the Right. Obvious that it serves the Republican blogs general ideology to propagate the story with out question because while Brother Nathanael Kapner is a little nuttier then your average Conservative blogger he certainly belongs in their camp.

Pro Huckabee post

The article copied from RJN “How the Jewish Lobby Works” was copied and pasted from the same site that claims Obama and Hillary pander to Jews and Israel. Whether it was actually Kapner or one of his followers or someone that hates Senator Obama, who knows. The web master at Barack’s community might want to start checking some IP addresses. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to find a right-winger at the end of the trail.

Newsweek takes a look at the myth that Senator Obama lacks good relations with the traditionally Democratic Jewish community, His Jewish ‘Problem’: A Myth?

Obama has long had a strong core of liberal Jewish supporters in Chicago; his national Jewish support grew as his campaign surged. But so did rumors that he had a “problem” with Jewish voters because of his family background (middle name: Hussein) and that some of his aides held pro-Palestinian views. David Geffen, the Hollywood mogul who once backed the Clintons but turned to Obama, told NEWSWEEK that her campaign bears some responsibility for “an awful lot of disinformation” that sowed doubts about the candidate’s support of Israel among “older Jewish voters in Florida.” New Jersey Rep. Robert Andrews, an Obama backer, says that two months ago a top Hillary campaign operative told him Obama would have a “hard time winning in November” because of his alleged Jewish problem and indicated Clinton’s campaign was going to take advantage of those fears. Andrews says he found such talk “offensive,” but he didn’t know whether Hillary had sanctioned it.