If you think you have it tough, read history books

Barack Obama was hardly the first to bring up the subject of political brawls combined with the metaphor of a knife and gun fight,

Sean Rushton, executive director of the Committee for Justice ( a Republican group who’s only purpose is the promotion of Conservative activist judges), said Specter erred by comparing the Democratic filibuster to other GOP tactics, such as recess appointments. “I would deny the moral equivalence,” he said. “This is potentially another example of Republicans bringing a knife to a gunfight.”

The way its supposed to work according to those pajama clad fuzzy slipper wearing Republican mud slingers is that they’re allowed to dish as much dirt as they want and Senator Obama has to stand there and take it without responding. Obama defends himself and traditional American values and the Right thinks that is soooo unfair. Standing next to a Republican in the next five months is may have terrible consequences, you’ll get an ear ache from the impotent whining and then there are all the stains you’ll have from the constant stream of tears. McCain ‘s challenge to have debates where, how and when he wants them is a sure sign that he and his team think they’re loosing, Packaged & Shipped Out

In politics, the person asking for the debates is always the one who knows he’s losing. Always.

The idea is to shift the debate about McCain to the debate. McCain isn’t much of a mystery. Peel back the layers and you get the same old elite Conservatism, the same tired bumper sticker quips passed off as ideas. McCain can’t decide if he’s the guy that is the new face of Conservatism. You know the face that is just like Bush’s, but more competent. Just like Bush, but really compassionate this time. McCain the Republican reformer that has assumed all the worse qualities of Bush conservatives, What happened to McCain the reformer?

The first sign of McCain’s devious new style came last winter, with reports that his nearly bankrupt campaign had pulled a slick and possibly illegal scam by misusing the public finance system. Essentially, he had obtained a bank loan by pledging federal campaign funds as collateral — a deal that stank on several levels, and began to smell worse when he turned around to say that he didn’t want his fundraising to be restricted by the public finance system. In other words, he was trying to have it both ways, using the reform process to get a desperately needed loan, and then opting out when his own fundraising looked more promising.

McBush, the same but different

Parsing the rules so they end up getting turned inside out is a Bush administration approach to governing. A character flaw and appraoch to governing that most Americans would rather not see repeated anytime soon.

Sterling Hayden from The Asphalt Jungle (1950). Tough on the outside, but little did he know he was a marshmallow inside. 7 Reasons Men Die First

Popular culture may paint men as the stronger sex, but from the moment a boy is born, his life is more likely than his sister’s to be cut short. Across national and cultural boundaries, men die an average of seven years earlier than women; the disparity in the United States is approximately five years. In a new book, Why Men Die First, Marianne Legato, a specialist in gender-specific medicine at Columbia University, explains: They’re genetically and biologically fragile to start with, she says, and societal norms that encourage and even demand risky behavior by men put them at risk. Still, Legato told U.S. News, men and their families can push back. She highlighted seven reasons why males die prematurely—and seven actions they can take to prolong their time.

A tendency to have coronary artery disease is pretty well known, as is that because of the way that men’s brain develop they tend to exercise less then stellar judgment about risk taking. I didn’t know that having both that X and Y chromosome makes men more prone to mutations.

Sunset and Sailing Ship wallpaper

ANALYSIS-Bush drilling plan wouldn’t have eased pump prices

“Even if oil was flowing, it would be too small amount to reduce the price” of crude or gasoline, said Daniel Weiss, energy expert at the Center for American Progress, a think tank in Washington.

“President Bush’s claim ignores the primary causes behind record high oil prices: a cheap dollar, high demand from China and India, and speculators driving the price up. Drilling and sullying the Arctic would not address any of these causes of high oil prices,” said Weiss.

Even if everything went smoothly by the time ANWR oil hit the market the best case scenario puts the downward pressure on per gallon costs of gas at a few pennies. Most experts don’t expect that perfect scenario. I’m not in agreement with Kevin Drums conclusions, but he is right that ANWR has taken on an almost mystical quality. In forum after forum, in comment sections across the good old internets people are swearing that ANWR will return us to two dollar a gallon gas. The claims by people in the oil industry don’t come close to that level of delusion.

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Army born 14 June 1775

A little more here on the first Army, The following is a description of the birth of the U.S. Army from Robert Wright, The Continental Army (Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, 1983), pp. 23-24

“If you think you have it tough, read history books.”~ Bill Maher