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Branches and Raindrops wallpaper

McCain’s Take On Bin Laden, Habeas Corpus Is Delusional, Legal Scholar Says

“I have not doubt that there would be no problem establishing an evidentiary basis to hold Osama bin Laden,” said adviser Greg Craig. Added Rep. Adam Smith: “Do Rudy Giuliani and others really think a court would look at Osama bin Laden and say you have no legal reason to hold him?”

Indeed, legal scholars are equally baffled at the argument that Supreme Court’s recent decision hinders the broader war on terror.

“It would not mean that Osama bin Laden would be released,” said David Cole, a professor at Georgetown University’s law school. “It would simply mean that the government would have to justify his detention under the rule of law. And as Colin Powell himself said when the subject came up of closing Guantanamo and bringing people to the U.S… ‘We should have no fear of justifying their detentions’… The right recognized by the Supreme Court is a fundamental one. It is only the right to go to court, it is not the right to be released unless the court concludes that there is no legal authority to continue to be detained. The whole argument that we wouldn’t have a justification to keep Osama bin Laden legally detained is delusional.”

If this was a real life round of final Jeopardy McCain, McCain’s hero Geroge Bush and the Right would be taking the bus home. The Right let Osama Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora and now they claim, with legal arguments spun out of old spider webs that the latest Supreme Court decision wouldn’t allow us to hold him. The desision doesn’t do away with the right of the U.S. military to put a bullet between Bin Forgotten’s eyes should he be found on the battlefield. This is all a deeply desparate ctnical attept by Conservatives to once again use the dead of 9-11 to get into the Whitehouse. If they have to pile lie on top of lie , fear mongering on top of fear mongering to get what they want they’ll continue to do so. Ethics and Integrety has never come between a Republican politician and getting what he wants.

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