A day in the secret life of John McCain

McCain spending ‘unlawfully’. McCain signs pledge on state election document swearing he’s going to take public financing. Then turns around with one his multiple faces and attacks Obama for opting out. No body cares that yet another layer of McCain’s supposed integrity has been stripped away so just move along.

McCain Now Supports GI Bill, War Funding Bill

When the Senate had considered its version of the war supplemental, McCain had argued, along with the White House and the Pentagon, that the new GI Bill, which got support from a veto-proof majority of Senators, would encourage service members to leave the military. He had offered a less generous counterproposal that would have given service members a much smaller credit for college and given better benefits to people who served longer.

McCain’s strategy in rgerads to public financing, the GI Bill and pretty much every other issue is to stake out every possible position. By proxy those Republicans that think McCain will be Conservatism’s savior are also taking a ir depends on which way the political winds are blowing stance on all issues. Conservatives seem to be switching from rigidly enforced party orodoxy to riifidly enforced pandering.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge wallpaper

Why wasn’t McCain’s meeting with an organization of gay conservatives called the Log Cabin Republicans on his public calendar. Vapid explanations from McCain’s spokespeople don’t count. It appears to be typically McCainish. LCR has money and John wants some, but doesn’t want the James Dobsons of the Right to slap him around in public for meeting with them.

One can imagine that being a gay or Black Republican requires a  some measure of constant denial, Limbaugh: ‘Democrats Will Bend Over, Grab The Ankles, Say Have Your Way With Me’ To Blacks And Gays. Limbaugh might know what he’s talking about on some crude level since he’s become a multi-millionaire giving America the shaft.

A McCain adviser recently claimed that another terror attack would give their campaign a boost. Not a shocker this is the level of public discourse that Bush/Cheney/Rove established as a winning strategy – vote for us or you’ll die. The problem with the McCain’s camp trying to play those recent statements as just a gaffe is that McCain has playing the national security daddy card before, McCain In 2004: “Bin Laden May Have Just Given Us A Little Boost”. It has become holy writ in the Conservative movement that terrorism is a good thing for Republicans. The mere possibility of terror attacks has become like communism used to be Republicans. Sometime that could whip up some unproductive derisive vitriol about, but at the same time love so they could use it as a political nine iron to beat their way to office.

The U.S. might achieve energy independence one day, but is the guy with lobbyist for Saudi Arabia on the payroll is not the one to listen to when he suddenly starts being a professor of energy policy,

McCain used today’s speech to call for energy independence “from Middle Eastern governments who support, or foment by their own inattention and inequities, the rise of terrorists.” What McCain won’t say is that his recently appointed campaign “consigliere” and general co-chairman in charge of fundraising is not only a lobbyist for Saudi Arabia, but has earned millions of dollars setting up meetings between the Bush White House and the Saudi government. [New York Times, 04/23/07; Washington Post, 4/3/07; Washington Post, 3/7/07; National Journal, 1/15/05]

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