‘I Absolutely Don’t Believe’ Military Service Alone Qualifies Somebody For President

From right-wing Republican pundit Ann Coulter column dated February 2008 entitled THERE’S A DEMOCRAT BEHIND DOOR NO. 1, 2 AND 3

Pat Buchanan says if McCain is the nominee, the Republican Party will lose its soul. I’m more worried about the Republican Party losing its mind.

[   ]…(1) He was a POW — I know that because he mentions it more often than John Kerry told us that he served in Vietnam.
And (2) he has a relatively conservative voting record compared to, say, Maxine Waters.

I note that there were hundreds of POWS in Vietnam. We can’t make them all president. If we’re just going to pick one, how about one who doesn’t want to shut down Guantanamo and give amnesty to 20 million illegal immigrants? Hey, didn’t Duncan Hunter serve in Vietnam? Why, yes, I believe he did!

Moreover, it’s crazy to imagine that military service makes one qualified to be president. Everyone knows the true test of presidential leadership is an ability to cry on cue. Another point for my Hillary.

screen coulter column

screen shot coulter column

Where’s the post from right-wing bloggers like Powerline, Gateway Pundit or Malkin expressing outrage over Coulter’s remarks. The standards here are clear enough. Right-wingers clearly attacking other right-wingers such as Limbaugh and Coulter’s attacks on McCain are a family affair. General Clark gives McCain all the credit in the world for his service, but asks if that service is enough to qualify McCain as commander in cheif within a very civil context, but McCain singles Clark and Obama out as attackers. McCain not only can’t tell the difference between Shiia and Sunni, he can’t tell the difference between honest debate and a political attack. So much for good judgement being one of his virtues. McCain meet John McCain the guy that agress with General Clark, McCain In 2003: ‘I Absolutely Don’t Believe’ Military Service Alone Qualifies Somebody For President

Not surprisingly McCain is polling well among the military, but it would be a mistake for him to think he has the military vote in his picket, Military See Presidential Race Through Own Lens

That Obama attracts support from some in the military is evident in dollars and cents: Among people who have donated at least $200 to a presidential campaign this election cycle, Obama has collected more than $327,000 from those identifying themselves as military personnel, while McCain has collected $224,000, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission data by The Associated Press.

In the photo caption to this story an Army captain added some thoughts very similar to General Clark’s,

Jim Morin, a West Point graduate who served as an Army captain in Iraq and Afghanistan, poses with a 2003 photograph of himself meeting with Afghan village elders in Khost, Afghanistan, during an interview with the Associated Press at his home in Arlington, Va., Thursday, June 26, 2008. Morin said he thinks Obama has the most “comprehensive solutions to complex problems” in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I have a lot of respect for McCain,” he said. “Everyone in the military is going to tell you that.” But he adds: “I don’t think he has anything new to offer. His mind-set is really stuck maybe in the Vietnam era, and the conflicts we’re facing now have nothing to do with Vietnam.”

Blue Water Splash wallpaper

Blue Water Splash wallpaper

John McCain’s hero George W. Bush has managed to turn a victory into tar pit, Military death toll rises in Afghanistan as Taliban regain strength

WASHINGTON: More American and coalition troops died in Afghanistan last month than during any other month since the American-led invasion began in 2001, the latest evidence of a strengthening Taliban insurgency that has menaced NATO forces and reclaimed control over some southern and eastern parts of the country.

Besides inspiring some interesting animated movies the last Ice Age was also good for violins, Wood density key to violin sound

The unique sounds of a Stradivarius violin may come down to the density of the wood it is made from.

Scientists say the patterns of the grain are markedly different from modern instruments.

It is believed that the seasonal growth of trees in the early seventeenth century was affected by a mini-Ice Age.

Stradivarius had the benefit of wood that was produced in conditions that have not been repeated since then, the journal Plos One reports

‘I Absolutely Don’t Believe’ Military Service Alone Qualifies Somebody For President ~ John McCain