Gramm and Grandpa McCain

While Obama is actually winning on talking points what’s really hurting McCain is John McCain, Max Bergmann at HuffPo has a round up of McCain’s week – The Week That Should Have Ended McCain’s Presidential Hopes or McCain 10 serious screw-ups,

10.) McCain demonstrates he knows nothing about Afghanistan and Pakistan. McCain said “I think if there is some good news, I think that there is a glimmer of improving relationship between Karzai and the Pakistanis.” Pat Barry notes how crazy this comment is…”Just what “glimmer” is McCain talking about?? Maybe he’s referring to President Karzai’s remarks last month, which threatened military action in Pakistan if cross-border attacks persisted? Or maybe McCain is talking about Afghanistan’s allegations that Pakistan’s ISI was involved in a recent assassination attempt on Karzai? Maybe in McCain’s world you could call that a silver-lining, but in reality-land I’d call it something else.”

The press hasn’t particularly picked up this massive display of ignorance from the guy that claims he would be bestest darn commander-in-chief ever. The Bushies seem to be holding together Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan with spit and silly putty hoping that whether its McCain or Obama whoever they hand off to will inherit their legacy of disaster.   update: McCain released a statement saying that Phil Gramm’s speaks for himself and not McCain when Gramm said America was a nation of whiners. Gramm is one of McCain’s chief economic advisers. ‘Forclosure Phil’ Gramm: How John McCain’s Closest Economic Advisor Helped Engineer the Morgage Crisis

In the latest issue of Mother Jones magazine, David Corn writes, “Who’s to blame for the biggest financial catastrophe of our time? There are plenty of culprits, but one candidate for lead perp is former Sen. Phil Gramm. Eight years ago, as part of a decades-long anti-regulatory crusade, Gramm pulled a sly legislative maneuver that greased the way to the multibillion-dollar subprime meltdown. Yet has Gramm been banished from the corridors of power? Reviled as the villain who bankrupted Middle America? Hardly. Now a well-paid executive at a Swiss bank, Gramm cochairs Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign and advises the Republican candidate on economic matters.”

While there is no reason to believe that Phil Special Interest Gramm wasn’t expressing his honest opinion of  America there’s reason to believe that McCain thinks the same way otherwise why would Gramm be on the McCain team. A few weeks ago McCain called the University of Southern California “USC, the University of Spoiled Children.” McCain is a child of privledge who has lived the majority of his adult life on the public payroll with all the health benefits and vacation time that go with it. He and his millionaire wife own eight homes. Yet another elitest Republican pretending to be Joe Average. Its worked before so I guess there’s little urgent reason for Conservatives to abandon forty years of hypocrisy now. How does the press see McCain and report about him to the public. Exactly the way McCain wants to be seen, The Media’s Effusive Praise Of Honest Straight-Talker McCain

McCain barbeques: “He was wearing a sweatshirt with a lithograph photo of his family — like a Christmas card picture. So just another grandpa at the grill.” [Mike Allen, Politico]

McCain rides first-class on Acela trains: “John McCain traveled like a man of the people Friday morning, riding an Amtrak train to Philadelphia after a late night of voting in Washington.” [Libby Quaid, Associated Press]