McCain’s shifting positions on Afghanistan indicate poor leadership skills

If you’ve been trying to keep up with Captain McCrunch – John McCain’s position on what to do in Afghanistan these have not been the best of times. Marc Ambinder rounds up McCain’s ever shifting views at The Atlantic. Let’s just call it McCain’s merry-go-round with American lives. Position one: A week ago nothing going on in Afghanistan and Obama doesn’t know what he is talking about by suggesting that troops should be shifted from Iraq. Position two: Yesterday morning McCain decides more brigades to Afghanistan and guess where they’ll come from, thats right Iraq. Position three: Yesterday afternoon (July 15) McCain thinks that the U.S. brigades can’t be pulled from Iraq that he would ask for more NATO troops. McCain Afghanistan plan four: Still the afternoon of July 15, 2008: McCain decides that the U.S. will contribute some troops and NATO would contribute some. So Captain McCrunch knows how to “win” wars. Salemanship 101 keep repeating the same exaggerated claims for your product regardless of how silly and unsubstantiated they are. McCain as is obvious enough to anyone over the age of five has never won a war. He has no actual battle field tactical command experience. Neither did George Bush or Dick Cheney. If McCain’s sudden discovery of Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden sounds familiar its because he has largely stolen his new foreign policy position ( it might be changing yet again as I write this) from Senator Barrack Obama, Position in Progress

I think TPM was one of the first places to note that what most of the media was playing as McCain calling for an Afghanistan Surge (TM) today was actually his abandoning his position and adopting the position Obama’s been pushing for a year. Even Mark Halperin eventually caught on. But it’s hard to keep your record of being ahead of curve.

Captain McCrunch’s Foreign Policy Notes

Presidents enjoy the largely ceremonial title of commander-in-chief, but no modern president actually commands the armed forces ( though Bush/Cheney have done some tragic micro managing). Senator Obama’s advisers include President Clinton’s National Security Council staffer Philip H. Gordon ( from the years of relative peace and prosperity. Lawrence J. Korb, assistant secretary of defense. Former Air Force chief of staff Gen. Merrill A. (“Tony”) McPeak and former Secretary of the Army Clifford Alexander, Jr. Of course should he be elected president Obama will consult with the same Joint Chiefs of Staff that Bush does. This all probably seems pretty elementary to most of the people that visit this blog, but much of the public has the the perception that presidents actually command like some movie where he moves ships with a stick around a large table map. Doing some double checking on some names in this post there are obviously some people that beleive presidents and command generals are the same thng or at least want others to believe it. Presidents are more like executive managers. They don’t go down to the lab and invent the next miracle drug that manage the experts that do. Who has shown the best understanding and judgment about Afghanistan. Not Captain McCrunch obviously. That being the case how can he or his supporters continue to make the case that he’ll be a brillant manager of our national defense.

Remember that Bush and McCain have both become livid at Senator Obama’s desire to eventually have constructive talks with Iran, See, We Tried. dday thinks the Bushies are putting on a show. Short term, Bush’s sincereity aside, hypocrisy about talks with Iran is still hypocrisy.