Conservatives encourage reprehensible preemptive pardons

That Bush is getting a record number of requests for pardons isn’t all that news worthy. What did the country expects after Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence for being convicted of four felonies including perjury and obstruction of justice. By that action and others Bush has given hope to some of America’s worse criminals. That he is being encouraged to issue what would be preemptive pardons by Conservative legal consultants for crimes that were probably committed by operatives and political cronies is reprehensible, Think Progress notes,

Such a pardon would reduce the risk that a future administration might undertake a criminal investigation of operatives or policy makers involved in programs that administration lawyers have said were legal but that critics say violated laws regarding torture and surveillance.

Some legal analysts said Mr. Bush might be reluctant to issue such pardons because they could be construed as an implicit admission of guilt. […]

“The president should pre-empt any long-term investigations,” said Victoria Toensing, who was a Justice Department counterterrorism official in the Reagan administration. “If we don’t protect these people who are proceeding in good faith, no one will ever take chances.”

The argument among some will be the inevitable this is all for the best. Any attempt to punish those would be perceived as a partisan witch hunt. President Ford made that argument when pardoning Nixon and we’ve paid for that mistake. The current administration seems to have looked back at Nixon and rather then learn to govern under the rule of law have based thier eight year tenure on loyality to extremist ideology to the detriment of American values and tradition. Whatever the issue or policy the Bushies are determined to  lie, distort and obfuscate to their last day. They have simply refused to answer Congressionalsupenas claiming king like privileges that have no basis in law. Considering the possibility of these preemptive pardons how can Congress not consider impeachment and investigation of war crimes, Nine Reasons to Investigate War Crimes Now

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