McCain and Friends Bundling Escapades

Cheap gas courtesy the magic wand of McCain and the RNC. This would be the same Republicans that controlled Congress for twelve years and John “maverick” McCain was present and accounted for. Remember that McCain knows how to capture Bin Laden, but will not tell us until he’s elected president. Apparently he won’t reveal the secret of how to return to two dollar a gallon gas until he’s elected too. Someone needs to buy Johnny one of those “It’s all about me” t-shirts.

One of the bills that was supposed to define McCain as a maverick was the McCain-Feingold finance reform bill ( the flaws of which are another issue). The whole idea for McCain anyway was to show the public was a stand up reforming straight shooter he was. McCain has appeared in various entertainment venues, the lessons he has learned appear to include that not unfamiliar practice among conmen and magicians; keep your eye and ears on the sound bites and grand words, not on what’s going on behind the curtain. New questions raised about top McCain fundraiser

Harry Sargeant III is a top fundraiser for Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid. As NBC News first reported, Sargeant was sued by a business partner over the lucrative profits from Pentagon contracts to ship oil to Iraq.

Sargeant’s International Oil Trading Co. won a contract to route oil through Jordan to U.S. forces currently in Iraq. This arrangement has worked out darn well for McCain’s buddy bringing in millions of dollars. Sargeant used to be a Marine pilot, a great job, but one that hardly qualifies one to suddenly be such an expert on oil transport. Some of that infamous Conservative meritocracy seems to be working in Sargeant’s favor. Which brings us back to McCain, being a mav and something called bundling, Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors

The bundle of $2,300 and $4,600 checks that poured into Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign on March 12 came from an unlikely group of California donors: a mechanic from D&D Auto Repair in Whittier, the manager of Taco Bell stores in Riverside, the owners of a liquor store in Colton.

But the man who gathered checks from them is no stranger to McCain — he shuttled the Republican on his private plane and held a fundraising event for the candidate at his house in Delray Beach, Fla. (Harry Sargeant III)

Some may remember that  Norman Hsu, who Hillary Clinton didn’t really know as prosecuted for bundling. Sargeant has been the bagman conduit between Florida governor Charlie Crist and John McCampaign Finance Reform.

Brian Rogers, a McCain campaign spokesman, said: “We strictly follow campaign finance law, and where flags are raised, we’ll certainly look into it.”

Donors reached by phone or interviewed in person declined to explain who asked them to make the contributions.

Ibrahim Marabeh, who is listed in public records as a Rite Aid manager, at first denied that he wrote any political checks. He then said he was asked by “a local person. But I would like not to talk about it anymore.” Neither he nor his wife is registered to vote, but the two donated $4,600 to Clinton and $4,600 to Giuliani in December.

At the Twilight Hookah Lounge, owned by Nadia and Shawn Abdalla, patrons smoke tobacco flavored with honey and fruit from a menu that includes the strawberry-flavored Sex on the Beach and the strong, orange-flavored Fuzzy Navel.

The Abdallas, who are not registered to vote, said in an interview that they recalled writing a check to an organization in Miami, because a person with that organization was a friend of their mother’s. They said they could not remember his name.

The NYT reports Family’s Donations to McCain Raise Questions

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — The Jordanian business partner of a prominent Florida businessman, who has raised more than $500,000 for Senator John McCain, appears to be at the center of a cluster of questionable donations to his presidential campaign.

Campaign finance records show Mr. McCain collected a little more than $50,000 in March from members of a single extended family, the Abdullahs, in California and several of their friends.

Amid a sea of contributions to the McCain campaign, the Abdullahs stand out. The checks come not from the usual exclusive coastal addresses, but from relatively hardscrabble inland towns like Downey and Colton. The donations are also startling because of their size: several donors initially wrote checks of $9,200, exceeding the $2,300 limit for an individual gift.

TPM notes, Mystery Deepens Around McCain Bundler

The point they failed to notice: That same contract to provide fuel for US troops in Iraq has been the subject of a lawsuit against Sargeant and Naba’a, coming from a business partner who is himself the brother-in-law of the King of Jordan.

Sargeant does claim that while his company didn’t give the lowest bid his company was the only one that could meet all the Pentagon’s contractual terms. Just forget that Naba’s business partner, or former partner was the brother-in-law of the King of Jordan.

The unhinged sentiments expressed in the viral right-wing e-mail that accused Senator Obama of being Muslim and the anti-Christ has gone on to full wing-nut coverage. In the hollow minds of Wingnuttia it is now an official story. I’m not a theologian, but a strict reading of the Book of Revelations makes it impossible for Senator Obama to be both Muslim and the anti-Christ. They need to chose one narrative or the other to smear him; some of the people that get that e-mail or read the winger sites might have also actually read the Bible. One would think that the Right who has claimed that their movement is composed of the only true Christians (you can’t be a Christian and a non-Republican) in the world would know what the Bible actually says. Incidentally, perhaps also a trivial detail to those viral e-mail wingers, Islam wasn’t started until the 7th century. I remember reading some similar garbage around 2001 that sounded more like Nostradamus twisted to suit whatever was on their smear agenda that year.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent
we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. – George Washington. Wallpaper size.