The Konservative Komedy of That Wacky John McCain

That wacky John McCain

McCain does keep repeating the word experience as though it were a mantra. maybe experience has taught the media’s favorite maverick that the public’s attention span is short and the Mccainiacs drool over every thing he says anyway. In August 2008 McCain: ‘In the 21st century, nations don’t invade other nations.’, but just this past January McCain said he didn’t care whether Iraq had WMD or not he would have invaded anyway. Further adding what was the point of looking back. I don’t know maybe some people look back to learn from their mistakes. If day after day McCain refuses to learn from his mistakes then how can he continue to make the claim that experience is one of his great qualifications. If McCain had been president two days ago we might be at war with Russia right now. Since he wasn’t president he had a two day cooling off period to come to that bit of stellar wisdom about the 21st century. McCain sounds more like a candidate for craziest uncle then the president of the U.S.

McCain isn’t presumptuous at all?  Just because he appears to operating some kind of under the radar talks to Georgia through his political surrogates McCain Announces That Lieberman And Graham Are Going To Georgia

In the can you imagine game can we picture the volume of shrill outrage if Senator Obama sent some of his political surrogates to Georgia or Russia pretending to be able to take tangible action, diplomatic or otherwise.

Iraq minister: US combat troops to pull out in three years under new deal

American soldiers will withdraw from cities across Iraq next summer and all US combat troops will leave the country within three years, provided the violence remains low, under the terms of a draft agreement with the Iraqi Government.

In one of the most detailed insights yet into the content of the deal, Hoshyar Zebari, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, has also told The Times that the US military would be barred from unilaterally mounting attacks inside Iraq from next year.

The U.K.s Times has been off on this stuff before, but it does make sense that Bush would want to be aable to end his rule on a somewhat hopeful note. The media will no dought, in one unnified hog call say this helps Mccain. It would actually rob Mccain of one thing to talk like a puffed up school yard brat about.

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Conservatism discards Prescription, shrinks from Principle, disavows Progress; having rejected all respect for antiquity, it offers no redress for the present, and makes no preparation for the future. – Benjamin Disraeli